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Hello again, internet.

It has been a while. A long while. Staying connected and being creative while working full-time and being a mom to a kiddo who hates sleep was too much. I took a break from internetting and sharing my creative projects. There was lots of looking at other people make art in the few moments I had sitting on the toilet, with a kiddo wanting to see what I was looking at on my phone, and a cat circled around my feet.

There is a lot in motion for us: Searching for a new home, planning what my new studio will look like with a wet station / dry station, and an ability to allow a toddler to play safely as I work, as well as my day job continuing its grinding schedule. When I do have free time, I work on my Big Project: launching my brand Bring On The Art¬ģ.

As it solidifies, I will write more about it.

It has been rather crazy.

But, all that being said, this is my HELLO! I am not dead. If you want to see what I am up to until I get back into finished art, check out


See you soon ūüôā


Maternity Shoot and 1 Year Announcement

Long time no see!

I’ve had a project brewing since late 2015 in collaboration with my husband, and it really required all my resources. But now after a successful year, I can finally announce where I’ve been. ūüėČ

Drum roll –

We had a baby!

This is a poster I made to thank a few of the people who really helped me get through that first hurdle of pregger-land. I made all but one of the costumes, shot their poses in our home, and it took me a year to finally finish the post-production. Sleep-deprivation via baby is really quite intense, and even finishing a load of laundry has become a task. It feels rather good to have completed this piece.

Here’s a quick process gif:

And here is the reality. Our kitty decided he wanted in on the shoot as well. My other kitty was far too shy – but yes, we have 2 black kitties – they are represented rather accurately in the above poster, don’t ya think?

Pregnancy and new-parenthood took a toll on me, and my art production went to almost nothing. Driving to my job was hard enough with the growing belly and the energy it took me to make a person. I was able to squeeze in a project here and there, like making headdresses and painting faces for the Jägermeister 2016 Día De Los Muertos campaign! But most sketches were unfinished, and art shows did not happen.


And now this: It is March 2017 – He’s a year old!


What a project this is, parenting. Completely new, exciting, exhausting, and a great ride. Hopefully, we are finally getting a handle on this thing, and I can start making more art again. Slowly, so “baby-steps”. (HAAA!)¬†I really need to get this sleep thing figured out.

I am full of hope that I will be posting more, drawing more, making more, moving forward with creating things, while being a parent and working in advertising full-time. But as you know, doing takes more than hope and daydreams.

Sleep; you beautiful, elusive creature: Come to me.

All, Muertitas

Published in Skullture

I am part of a hardcover book! I have my work published in a collective! EEE! Thank you, Chris Rigg for the gorgeous photos. And thank you Skullture for this opportunity to be shown next to so many artist I admire!

You can get it on Amazon: Skullture: Skulls in Contemporary Visual Culture

PS – I know I’ve ben gone quite a while. Be expecting an update, all about my newest, biggest project I have been working on that has kept me from the interwebs.

All, Muertitas

Muertitas finally available in my store

Thank you so much for those who were able to fill out my Coloring Book Questionnaire – it was¬†very¬†helpful. I have gained some insights that never occurred to me previously. I’m sure you have helped me start creating a much stronger brand.
And now to the main event:

Holiday Muertita Sale
Muertitas are back from their travels & ready to find a home!
To celebrate the Season Of Giving, the Muertitas are temporarily priced at
$650 instead of $800 for the month of December.
 Happy Holidays!


 <Visit My Shop >


Got a moment to talk coloring books?


Coloring Book Rebrand
If you have a moment, your thoughts would help me greatly!

I have more coloring and activity books that I am making,¬†but there’s something I¬†must do before I¬†get to the magical “3 Or More” books published.¬†My present brand “With Arty” is proving to be more expensive to brand and¬†trademark, simply because a monkey as a symbol is so common (even with¬†rainbow wings and a top-hat), as is the character name¬†“Arty”. So, I am working on a full re-brand. This will include¬†facebook, website, book covers, and a trademark lawyer. But before I take the leap…‚Ä®‚Ä®Right now would be the perfect time to get your feedback.¬†Even if you have never had a coloring book from me.

It is an anonymous poll.

 Based on your feedback, I hope to re-design and focus in the best possible direction. No answer is mandatory. Answer what you want. Honesty is requested. Please fill this form out only once.

This poll will end November 1st, 2015.


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Inktober 2015 Week 1

Jake Parker is an amazing artist. One of my favorite projects by him is his original comic¬†Skull Chaser. My other favorite creation of his is the movement known as INKTOBER! He started for himself¬†(and for you nay-sayers I googled some proof for the sake of a good post), it¬†snowballed, and now we all get to take part and enjoy it because we can’t help ourselves!

For the first time in a long while, I get to participate because instead of doing art shows this fabulous autumn season, I’m focusing on enjoying it as a participant.¬†So, here is my first week of Inktober. For some reason this week I’m really enjoying drawing cats in costumes. I’ve never done this before, and I find it increasingly amusing.

You can stay up to date daily with #inktober on my Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook Page


October Art Sale!

New stuff available for a limited time!

Since it launched in January of this year, my little shop has been doing well because of your support. Thank you! So, it is time to make room for new products, some bespoke Muertitas, and that means deals.

There are prints available now in the shop that haven’t been there before.¬†Quantities are limited since some of these prints are left from one show or another.

Take advantage of this Fall Season Sale before it’s all gone!


Some examples of the prints available:

LasLaguna-5x7_0001_heathersPortrait_01   Krisztianna_PRINTS_0005_SweetnSlimy_01   Krisztianna_PRINTS_0000_2011_SquidfaceIntroductions_01   Krisztianna_PRINTS__0018_2013_SkullHarvest_01 Krisztianna_PRINTS__0014_2014_UnikittyAndFriend_01 Krisztianna_PRINTS__0000_2014_CrownOfClouds_01

Solo Show Cancelled
I will not be having a solo show this year. 8 Ball Gallery has closed and is moving onto different adventures. I’m working on projects that require some skill building. That kind of learning takes time, so it works out for me. Even more reason to keep the store updated with the new arts, so keep your eyes out for these emails.
As far as Hollywood Forever, I will be going as an attendee to be able to enjoy it fully. When I go as an artist I miss the food, the music, and the altars. This year, Lila Downs will be playing!! < internal freak out > See you there ūüôā
As always, thank you for your time, support, and attention to my work.


A quick update

Hello there!

It’s been a few months¬†since my last post. Goodness! How the time has flown!

I had quite a bit going on. Working on the Art Lab, learning how to do electrical wiring for the lightning in there, all while¬†pursuing¬†really¬†big new projects!¬†I was hoping to have an awesome collaboration announcement this week, but alas, things fell through and these particular projects will no longer be happening. However, this gives me time for some more personal projects, which I’m pretty fired up about.

Hopefully there will be more updates soon, now that the giant plate of multi-tasking monsters has cleared off, and hopefully I can focus on a few things at a time, instead of LOADS! Also really, really excited to share photos of the Art Lab, with process photos as well.

Take care, and Happy Friday!

All, Muertitas

Collaboration With Tim Tadder – Las Muertas

Photographed by Tim Tadder: THE FULL BEHANCE PROJECT

His  Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Wardrobe by Julia Reeser: Website   |  Instagram   |   Facebook

Hair & Make-up by Dezi V : Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

*  *  * Headdresses, face-paint, and the pattern-halos by ME!  *  *  *

Got some time?¬†Here’s the full story below and behind the scenes photos, as told by cats and Leonard Nimoy.

Continue reading “Collaboration With Tim Tadder – Las Muertas”


My new Online Shop is LIVE!

My internet silence has been for two reasons:

  1. My daytime job in advertising got very busy…very.
  2. I’ve been working on my¬†online shop, which is now ready for its fledgling flight!

Right now it is just prints and original paintings, but once I smooth out any kinks as orders come in, I will eventually open it up to very limited BESPOKE MUERTITA orders!! Yes Ladies, Gentleman, and Genderfluid, you will be able to custom order a Muertita. To be in the first to know when that becomes available, take a moment and sign up for my Newsletter.

So if you are excited to get to that point, please share my shop. Let’s¬†get the word out¬†and start this adventure. If you see anything that you would like fixed in the store, please let me know. Check out the free section for downloads!

Huge plus, this shop ports over to Facebook nicely. If you are into Facebook shares, go to my Facebook Shop Page, find a piece you like, and share from there!