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My Santa

My Santa is tall and strong so he can hike through snow and blizzards. He is world weary, because he has seen all the bad of humanity. Old school Santa puts a switch in their shoes so their parents can spank the evil out of them. I feared Santa. He was all knowing, rewarding the good and punishing the bad.

My Santa spits on your CocaCola branded jolly fat man.

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Pie Demands To Be Eaten

I have SERIOUSLY got to get me some pie so I will stop drawing it already.

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Daily Sketch : Water Woes

So I sat down today to draw another idea for a mermaid…but whenever I thought about the ocean I fell into a very sad state. I’d bring myself out and start again, only to tumble into dark places in my head. For those of you not plugged in, I’m talking about the BP Oil Spill.

So, instead of fighting sad thoughts I went with them – I felt MUCH better after this sketch, and I already have an idea to draw a cyborg dolphin with a machine gun. Strange how scribblings will ease out feelings from my head and put them on paper.


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Make It Through Wednesday With Raindrops

A raindrop melody maker! Thank you, Ashley, for the link. Its soothing and fun, a combination that rarely exists within my excitable self.
I invite you all to try it out!

Click on the link below:

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Daily Sketch 20090805 : Little Gaurdian

I have a facination with fennec foxes. They look like pure magic.

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Daily Sketch 20090708 : Pregger Witch

She done got knocked up! Inspired by a chat with my friend Kriszti! Thanks girl!


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Daily Sketch 20090619 : Snakey-Poo

A sketch I was inspire to do after seeing the “Naga” sketch on Pumpkinking3001’s deviant page.

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Daily Sketch Wednesday : Party Turtle

Doing an illustration for a friend

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