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Kina Grannis Music Video By Greg Jardin

22 months. Jellybeans. A rotating army of people. All shot in camera, CGI-free. Pure. Awesome.

If you like having your mind blown, you MUST watch the behind the scenes.


And this video has made it to the inspiration section of my blog, and therefore deserves a letter, as if the person I was writing it to will read it. I actually have the honor of sending this to him. So, here you are internet.

Dear Greg Jardin,
Congrats. You blew my mind. There were many ways to make this music video: CGI, cheats, smoke and mirrors. All valid, all effective, all would have taken a lot less time. The path you chose was the hardest and the most beautiful. There is a special look, an authenticity I cannot describe, when things are kept as pure as moving jelly beans around, then taking a picture. There is an element of magic you were able to bring forth in this video – the little shudders of the jelly beans reflecting the light – even when a frame has the opportunity to be still, you were not still. Every frame, the jelly beans move, twist, giggle.
Your dedication to the quality of an end result is more than enviable, its something I hope to do someday, even with all those sleepless nights this must have taken.
You may be content that no one will look at jellybeans the same again after seeing this video.

I look forward to more of your amazing work.
Good job at making the world beautiful.
– Krisztianna


Dustin Farrell, I've got my eye on you

I recommend this time lapse in full screen.
And now, my letter directly to the artist/director/filmmaker because this made it to the “inspiration” category of my blog:

Dear Dustin Farrell,

Thank you for bringing such dramatic, distinct, humbling, and inspiring imagery of Arizona and Utah to the comfort of my screen. The essence you have distilled into a concentrated tincture of galactic-eyeball-euphoria is overwhelming. I have this video bookmarked, and I will be viewing it frequently as my 3E’s inspiration. 3E’s are my way of describing when something has 3 important factors that make the “HOLY SH*TBALLS THAT’S AMAZING” effect, and one day I will be able to imbue art with its magiks. My quick breakdown:
Is it Epic? Is it Elemental? Does it evoke Emotion? The answer is yes, YES, AWWW Yes.

So, thank you. Keep going. Keep making.  And I’m sure your team (and wife!) are proud of this stunning project.




Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.


Story Corps – every voice matters

The amazing Rauch Brothers animate real-life stories. These are tender, simple, even poignant, and I wanted to share some with you. StoryCorps interviews are featured every Friday on NPR’s Morning Edition.

If you like what these folks are doing, you can show them by checking out their facebook page or donating on their site.

John and Joe – StoryCorps 9/11 animation from Rauch Brothers on Vimeo.

She Was the One – StoryCorps 9/11 animation from Rauch Brothers on Vimeo.


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Strike Mine Eyes With Motion – Open Letter To Van den Elsen

Because this is inspiration, it requires an open letter.

Mind you, its a Tuesday, and its late, so forgive me ahead of time.


Dear Ine van den Elsen,

Why would you make something like this? These images tear and excite my brain. Without promoting violence, I describe it at as a delicious strike unto my eyes, an assault of beauty. It is uncomfotable, hypnotic, and I cannot get enough.

I shake my fist at my discomfort, and I celebrate the inspiration.

Beauty and satisfaction in the tearing of shapes and color. If I could grab this video, take its motion, intensity, and excitable patterns and replicate it into a moment within my art, I would be satisfied.


Many thanks,



TWR 72 – Tunnel
Ine van den Elsen

TWR 72 – Tunnel from Ine van den Elsen on Vimeo.

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Bootiful Innernets

Just a little gift of how things evolve, how the innernet brings it together, and how much I love the artistic evolution and sharing that occurs. I hope this makes Monday a little brighter in the knowledge we are all connected – and with innernet, we can all share in all its silliness.

Original by Taio Cruz,  (click here if you can’t see it below)

A Cappella Cover
Just Voice and Mouth – By Mike Tompkins (click here if you can’t see it below)

The Maccabeats’ Parody Of the A Capella cover of the Original Taio Cruz. Happy Hannukah everyone!(click here if you can’t see it below)



It just so happens that fate took pity on me and my reclusive hermitage, and gave me some very cool friends who do very cool things out in the world, changing it, making it prettier, and creating things that blow my mind.

Please enjoy this video by Greg Jardin (website is here), who allowed me to post it on my blog, that’s how cool he is. And handsome. The video was all shot in one take, after many rounds of practice. He story-boarded, directed, edited, basically a creative vision come to light. If you can’t see it below, click here.

This video has already scored a post on – click here for proof!


The Party Don’t Spock Until I Vulcan

If you laughed as hard as I did at this Tik-Tok rehash, we should hang out. If not, then..well…go back to being more socially loved than I. Thank you Kevin for this link!

If you can’t see the embedded video above, click here.