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Floating, a short film by Greg Jardin

Take a moment to enjoy this short film, directed by Greg Jardin. “Floating” is a story with many feels packed into a wee 10 minutes. Original score by The Joy Formidable.


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Open letter to Rick Mereki and Team

I suppose this requires a letter as well, because they are a source of inspiration through this video. Letter below.

Dear Rick Mereki and Team,

I wish….
I wish……
I wish I would make something like this kind of travel happen or myself and those I love.
Inspiring, beautiful, fleeting, epic.
You have fired up my dream-state as my mind wanders where you have already been.

Well done, good sirs and madams…WELL DONE.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Rick Mereki : Director, producer, additional camera and editing
Tim White : DOP, producer, primary editing, sound
Andrew Lees : Actor, mover, groover
All Music composed and performed by Kelsey James

“3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ….into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films…..
= a trip of a lifetime. move, eat, learn”

All, Inspiration


I love snails.

Always have.

Probably always will.

Watch this video By James Miller in fullscreen…its beautiful.

40mm underworld from James Miller on Vimeo.

Here’s his twitter.

Here’s his website.


The Magic of Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment

I have been wanting to post about this animation for a while – who knew it was sitting in my drafts folder for so long!
This lovely work was directed and animated by Ari Gibson at Mechanical Apple.

Background art by Jason Pamment
“My name’s Jason, I’m a freelance art director and illustrator based in Adelaide, South Australia. For over 7 years I’ve been collaborating with amazing artists to create entertaining animated films and commercials. ”

The Cat Piano, (mentioned in an old post, you might remember HERE) caught my eye years ago. He directed it with the PRA’s Eddie White, won the 2009 Australian Film Industry award for Best Short Animation, was accepted into the Annecy International Animation Festival and was short-listed for the Academy Awards. Dang. Right?

Musician is of course, Gotye


Partly Cloudy, an adorable animation

So cute it made my eyes glisten at work!! How could I have missed this? I guess the mistake I made was not seeing the Pixar movie “U”P in theaters since this was shown before it. Also no one told me about it (glares at whoever that might have been). But, I accidentally came upon in down the rabbit hole of the internet…and if there are others like me who missed out on this, I share with you now. 🙂

Partly Cloudy is a Pixar CGI animated short film directed by Peter Sohn and produced by Kevin Reher.


Follow Your Harto

I have been a big fan of Hannah Hart for a while do to her Drunk Kitchen videos with their adorable hilarity. She has inspired me to do my own set of Drinking and Drawing, which might happen or not – depends on friends and time – both of which can be hard to schedule.

Well, her latest video had to be shared immediately. It really spoke to me – really hit me at my core, ya know? So, enjoy  😉

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Kina Grannis Music Video By Greg Jardin

22 months. Jellybeans. A rotating army of people. All shot in camera, CGI-free. Pure. Awesome.

If you like having your mind blown, you MUST watch the behind the scenes.


And this video has made it to the inspiration section of my blog, and therefore deserves a letter, as if the person I was writing it to will read it. I actually have the honor of sending this to him. So, here you are internet.

Dear Greg Jardin,
Congrats. You blew my mind. There were many ways to make this music video: CGI, cheats, smoke and mirrors. All valid, all effective, all would have taken a lot less time. The path you chose was the hardest and the most beautiful. There is a special look, an authenticity I cannot describe, when things are kept as pure as moving jelly beans around, then taking a picture. There is an element of magic you were able to bring forth in this video – the little shudders of the jelly beans reflecting the light – even when a frame has the opportunity to be still, you were not still. Every frame, the jelly beans move, twist, giggle.
Your dedication to the quality of an end result is more than enviable, its something I hope to do someday, even with all those sleepless nights this must have taken.
You may be content that no one will look at jellybeans the same again after seeing this video.

I look forward to more of your amazing work.
Good job at making the world beautiful.
– Krisztianna


Dustin Farrell, I've got my eye on you

I recommend this time lapse in full screen.
And now, my letter directly to the artist/director/filmmaker because this made it to the “inspiration” category of my blog:

Dear Dustin Farrell,

Thank you for bringing such dramatic, distinct, humbling, and inspiring imagery of Arizona and Utah to the comfort of my screen. The essence you have distilled into a concentrated tincture of galactic-eyeball-euphoria is overwhelming. I have this video bookmarked, and I will be viewing it frequently as my 3E’s inspiration. 3E’s are my way of describing when something has 3 important factors that make the “HOLY SH*TBALLS THAT’S AMAZING” effect, and one day I will be able to imbue art with its magiks. My quick breakdown:
Is it Epic? Is it Elemental? Does it evoke Emotion? The answer is yes, YES, AWWW Yes.

So, thank you. Keep going. Keep making.  And I’m sure your team (and wife!) are proud of this stunning project.




Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.


Story Corps – every voice matters

The amazing Rauch Brothers animate real-life stories. These are tender, simple, even poignant, and I wanted to share some with you. StoryCorps interviews are featured every Friday on NPR’s Morning Edition.

If you like what these folks are doing, you can show them by checking out their facebook page or donating on their site.

John and Joe – StoryCorps 9/11 animation from Rauch Brothers on Vimeo.

She Was the One – StoryCorps 9/11 animation from Rauch Brothers on Vimeo.