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Jellyfish Mermaid

Another addition to my Mer-Kingdom coloring book.

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Peace Through Photography, Poster I Designed

Grrrreetings this fine Tuesday!
“Peace Through Photography” is the amazing project of Rachel Scotto, and I had the honor of designing the poster!
It started out as a personal photo collage, then it became a private Facebook album among friends. But something like this is infectious, people wanted to be a part of it and Rachel heard their calls. It is becoming an art show in Venice Beach, CA as well as a growing, viral “peace sign” photo hunt.

When these posters become available for purchase, their profits will be split amongst these charities:

Peace Corps
Bridging the Technology Gap in Bulgaria

Surfing 4 Peace
Teaching Israeli and Palestinian kids to surf together and break down the tension

Guitars in the Classroom
Bringing music to classrooms in certain LA schools

SK8 for Life
Promoting physical and mental fitness to Boys and Girls clubs through skateboarding

Click, explore, and share the message: To inspire everyone to do his or her part in achieving universal peace! When the poster becomes available, I encourage you to purchase one!

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Daily Sketch 20090819 : Coloring Book Page #1

So, the short version: Weekdays too crazy to paint my book due to work. Weekends are my painting days now. Feeling unproductive, frustrated, and stagnant artistically during the week, so: During week will try to turn some daily sketches into coloring book pages for my nieces. Would like to publish a coloring book from these. This is the first.
Will send to siblings, have them tell me what their kids said, or drooled. Ages 2-6.

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Daily Sketch 20090804 : Paisley Pegasus

So i tried something new today, and I really like it. It started off with me working out a paisley pattern, and it turned into this.
I think I might try a few more things in this style.

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Daily Sketch 20090714 : Fuffly

Meet Fuffly! Hes very fluffy and furry and cute and likes pets. Heeees FUFFLY!