October Art Sale!

New stuff available for a limited time!

Since it launched in January of this year, my little shop has been doing well because of your support. Thank you! So, it is time to make room for new products, some bespoke Muertitas, and that means deals.

There are prints available now in the shop that haven’t been there before. Quantities are limited since some of these prints are left from one show or another.

Take advantage of this Fall Season Sale before it’s all gone!


Some examples of the prints available:

LasLaguna-5x7_0001_heathersPortrait_01   Krisztianna_PRINTS_0005_SweetnSlimy_01   Krisztianna_PRINTS_0000_2011_SquidfaceIntroductions_01   Krisztianna_PRINTS__0018_2013_SkullHarvest_01 Krisztianna_PRINTS__0014_2014_UnikittyAndFriend_01 Krisztianna_PRINTS__0000_2014_CrownOfClouds_01

Solo Show Cancelled
I will not be having a solo show this year. 8 Ball Gallery has closed and is moving onto different adventures. I’m working on projects that require some skill building. That kind of learning takes time, so it works out for me. Even more reason to keep the store updated with the new arts, so keep your eyes out for these emails.
As far as Hollywood Forever, I will be going as an attendee to be able to enjoy it fully. When I go as an artist I miss the food, the music, and the altars. This year, Lila Downs will be playing!! < internal freak out > See you there 🙂
As always, thank you for your time, support, and attention to my work.

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The Birth Of Density

Finished! This is a visual quilt of 25 panels. Once I get this scanned and have prints made, I will cut up the original for the 25 special edition books of “Sleepless”. I will post on my site, blog, facebook, and twitter when all aspects of this art piece are available.
Watercolor, graphite, and india ink. I have also submitted this piece to Art Takes London. Here’s hoping!
Birth Of Density

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Daily Sketch 200906030 : Squiditty

So many arms to cuddle you with! I want one.


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Daily Sketch 20090618 : Squidface (Nautilla) and Squidheart

It appears that Nautilla and Squidheart are friends – or at least this is when they first meet. I like drawing them.

Squidface (Nautilla) and Squidheart

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Daily Sketch Friday : Squidheart

SO I’ve finally done the first sketch for a character I’ve been mulling about in my head. I guess her and squidface are friends. But there’s a story developing around this one. Several scenes have already presented themselves to me – we’ll see what happens. Be expecting more sketches with this character. I should do one with her and squidface.

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