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DAILY SKETCHES RETURN and Coloring Book Update

Starting daily sketches again! And yes, mermaids on the brain for…you guessed it – a Mermaid coloring book!

But what about the Fantasy Creatures coloring book, you ask?
Well I will have you know its finished, and going through the process of approvals right now. Here is the cover, for your viewing pleasure. It will be available in a few weeks or so, but I will let you know!


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Sunday Manxy

Working on getting more comfortable with custom brushes and making things directly in photoshop. This warm-up painting came out cute, so I wanted to share! I think I might start peppering my sketch postings with some digital work, when it works out.


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Daily Sketch 20090802 : Picnic Life Drawing

At a picnic, trying to do quick sketches of family.

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Daily Sketch Sunday : Banana Genie

I wish I had a genie that would grant me a fresh and perfect banana at any moment. A good banana that’s not too ripe, and not too soft is brilliant. I’d have the best smoothies…..EVAH!

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