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Sketchin’ on da choo-choo – purple glances

Sketchin’ on the train with my iPad, playing with some brushes. Also, studio is done. I just want to get some nice daylight photos for you all this weekend accompanied by a proper post. SO EXCITED! SO MUCH ART TO FINISH!!


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Moving Weekend and 3 new Skully Sketches!

Happy Friday!

This is the big weekend – MOVING.
Moving the studio, the house, all the things.
Piles of boxes, trucks, things, more things.

I might not be posting for a few days. Luckily, I finished 3 to share! Once I’m all moved in, and we have internet, I’ll share photos of the new studio…and eventually the workshop! Yes, WORKSHOP! Where I can go make casting with horrible chemicals! WEEEE!

So, here it goes. Happy Friday, write to you soon!




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Sketchin on the choo choo – sugar skull

I think I can make a habit of this!
Sketchin’ on da CHOO CHOO is a GO GO!

Plus, that Sketchbookpro feature that reflects what you are drawing, AS you are drawing it (as opposed to at the very end) is rather satisfying when trying to decide on shapes, and is IDEAL for my skullies.


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Showing at Hollywood Day Of The Dead, and another skully sketch!

I’ve been invited to return to the Hollywood Forever Day Of The Dead art show!!

I will be showing in 3 places at once in the month of November!
Peoria Illinois, Burbank California, and Hollywood California!

My excitement cannot be contained. So I’ll just be wibbly wobbly happy daffy all day.
And another sketch on the train on the iPad using sketchbook pro.


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Coloring book is done, Art Show on SATURDAY!

And now the happy post I was talking about!

Mer-Kingdom is published and ready for your coloring skills!

Get it on AMAZON!



Put on by 11:11 A Creative Collective

Sat, March 30, 7:00 PM

Refuse to Destroy : Re-Imagined, Re-Purposed & Re-used gives us an aesthetic experience of the many creative alternative uses of wasted, found and non-traditional art mediums. This Group Exhibition will feature artwork by over 30 artists whose artwork resides is in such mediums as interactive installations, sculpture, painting, illustration and mixed media- all using found or recycled objects.



And here are a few teaser shots from an amazing photo-shoot with the talented Chris Rigg.





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A Great Show At Hollywood Forever Day Of The Dead

The Event

The Dia De Los Muertos event yesterday at the Hollywood forever cemetary was incredible. I don’t think there is another venue that my Muertita heads can fit into so beautifully. It was such an honor to have their heads reverently perched in front of the Mausoleum graves, celebrating the beauty of life in the face of death. It was incredible. A special thank you to Xamanism for curating the show, taking care of payments, and making sure I was able to shake the hands of my Muertita’s new friends as they left to go to their new homes.

Not to mention, all of the Muertitas are sold! Which brings me to my next segment:

Am I Making More Muertitas?

Yes, I am making more! I have several more planned, inspired by elemental spirits of nature and bodies of water. Due to the amount of time each Muertita takes, and due to the fact I still have a full-time job, I am not in a place to take commissions at the moment. But believe me when I say it feels amazing to have so many requests!

If you woud like to be notified by email whenever a new show is going to happen, please sign up for my mailing list by clicking here.

Otherwise, I do my best to share my progress by posting photos of the steps it takes to finish a piece on my Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and here on my blog.

Thank you to everyone who came out, my friends and family who were able to show their support, partake in tamales and Pan De Muerto as we contemplated the sadness of loss but then ending up laughing for the joys of life. All while enjoying art and the Calavera faces in the crowd. It was beautiful, and I will do my best to be able to be a part of it every year if I can.

And now, some photos! (You can click here to see full album on mah flickr)



And my favorite photo of maybe all time:



Muertita is my mixed media wall sculpture made of a list of materials, and here we go: styrofoam, paper maché, wire, clay, wood, acrylic, synthetic flowers, twine, pins, glue, sealant, screws, and lots of love. I actually enjoyed making this piece so much I will be making more soon, preparing for The Day Of The Dead! I just dropped off for this week’s CANOGA PARK ART WALK. This month’s theme is “Heads Will Roll”. Come visit, check out the food, the music, and the ART, and meet Muertita in person!


Muertita To Scale