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Collaboration With Tim Tadder – Las Muertas

Photographed by Tim Tadder: THE FULL BEHANCE PROJECT

His  Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Wardrobe by Julia Reeser: Website   |  Instagram   |   Facebook

Hair & Make-up by Dezi V : Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

*  *  * Headdresses, face-paint, and the pattern-halos by ME!  *  *  *

Got some time? Here’s the full story below and behind the scenes photos, as told by cats and Leonard Nimoy.

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Sketchin on the choo choo – Skulls!

Playing with the “mirror” draw effect in sketchbook pro. For the symmetrically challenged like myself, this is faaaantastic! I draw only one side and the other reflects automatically – sweeet!

I have been working out the idea of a sugar skull coloring book with some educational blurbs about Dia De Los Muertos, so you might see a few more of these skully sketches 😉


Drawn on the iPad whilst commuting on the train.

All, Daily Sketches

Last Dance

Sorry I was gone for a few days – the evenings escaped me. I look back and can’t remember why I was so busy, then I remember I was being social which is not something I usually do – hence my surprise as I reminisce on why I didn’t have time to scan and post.
Thank you for the title, Francis! I’m going to clean this up and submit to Threadless. I’ve been dismissed by them before, so again won’t be a problem.