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blue thoughts

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Muertita Sketch

If all goes to plan, I’ll have some bad quality phone-photos of my muertita sculptures for you this weekend. They are finally getting finished! I am finding my clay covered fingerprints everywhere these days. My shoes, belts, doorknobs, light switches. When I was using a terra-cotta colored clay, (My least favorite but I ran out of the white and had to keep sculpting!) my studio looked like a murder scene before I wiped everything down. Hopefully I can stay on schedule! Why must I sleep? WHYYY?!

Anyway, until this weekend, Here Be Sum ARTS!


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Sketchin’ on the choo choo makes interstellar fox

He’s been going to warp wayyy before humans.

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Sketchin’ on the choo choo makes a drunk-unicorn-squirrel

Go home weird little unicorn-squirrel, you’re drunk.

Someone had a leeeeetle too much pixie dust!


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Tired but happy

Still chugging along. Work during the day for clients, flexing our advertising and design chops with a great group of people. Working at night with moving into the new place so I can get back to doing my art, and meet my personal deadlines for my art shows coming up.

So: tired because of all the work, crazy schedule, and lack of sleep, but happy because the kindness of family and friends is the best.

I will have photos of a finished studio…soon…SOON.

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Sketchin on the choo choo – green flower skully

Digi-sketching on the train is turning into something I really look forward to. When someone leans over and asks something about what I’m doing, I hope it’s quick, cause I just want to get back to playing with my drawings. The sounds of the wheels are soothing, and sometimes watching the scenery go by is enough.


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Sketchin on the choo choo – sugar skull

I think I can make a habit of this!
Sketchin’ on da CHOO CHOO is a GO GO!

Plus, that Sketchbookpro feature that reflects what you are drawing, AS you are drawing it (as opposed to at the very end) is rather satisfying when trying to decide on shapes, and is IDEAL for my skullies.