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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 14

Daily Imagination of a Muertita after being put back together.

It was interesting looking at this bag and shoe combo on the train – so many lines to look at.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 11

This is yesterday’s post, but the day was too busy to post. So, HAPPY FRIDAY!

My Converse:

Another unikitty! Cat-icorn? Flutterkitty?

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Fashion Desires : Rock & Republic Alexa

I’m not sure I would ever have the courage to wear these…because they would definitively wear me. They look like a moment in time when fabric and chain mail is being pulled through water. These shoes would not be about me, it would be about the shoes. The only thing I could do to detract from the shoes is get a great tan and wear nothing else BUT the shoes. If I WERE to wear anything, it would have to be as theatrical as the shoe…and then both would overtake me and I would look like a dumpy mannequin. Anyway, I hope I see someone wearing them who could really WEAR THEM, and not visa versa, because these are an incredible work of art. Like: Gisele B√ľndchen. She would TOTALLY rock these…yeah..cause shes a Brazilian supermodel…but I think that’s what it would take for this shoe. <silent sob>

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Fashion Desires : Guiseppe Zanotti I86196




A beautiful shoe…that color, the lines…its like strapping porsche to my feet. I like how from the front it looks like a really expensive, flat, Italian business shoe and then you turn and WHAM. That Italian shoe has turned into a shaded jade column of gorgeous, just to hold up your feet. These, my friends, are anti-gravity goddess-on-the-go Oxfords. Hot DAYAM.

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Fashion Desires : Madden Girl Nadiia

I have a thing for heeled oxfords, as you will start to see. These shoes by Madden Girl are exceptional. The photos don’t do the satin justice. Yes, SATIN shoes. (The satin was wisely removed from the heel) The red has a ruby~raspberry luster, and the purple heel and toe are a healthy plum. They are very stable shoes, which is good since they are higher than I usually like to wear, but the heel still has a great back view. Still sleek and sexy, despite being stable, the only downfall is that if I wear them as much I want to they will get scuffed easily. Satin is beautiful, but delicate.

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Fashion Desires : The Shirelles Oxford

Another fantastic shoe from modcloth, the Shirelles Oxfords.

Oxford heels. Creme. Platform. Shiny black detail. CREME! LURRV!

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Fashion Desires : Taxicab Confessions

Great heels from modcloth.
I love the perceived gray framed in marigold~mustard, and the asymmetrical swoop overtaking the top of the foot. I can rarely say no to a side slung buckle. For shame its not available in my size!