New Studio Photos

Watching my husband use mad skillz to build me perfect shelves and a standing table

Using said standing table

He did an amazing job. Thank you, you amazing man. Now, PHOTOS:

Lookit dem sexy under table shelves!
Studio Workspace

Lookit dat mad sexy bookshelf thats holds heavy art books! (And dem wall flowers are held together by ikea laundry sorting paraphernalia)
Studio Workspace

And a panorama! You can see the standing desk holding the computer, light table, and sculpting station. Underneath fit flat files and more extra shelving! I feel like I’m going to turn around and someone is gonna be standing there, shaking their head, saying “You thought this was yours to use and love? Nope. Sorry. Move along.”
Studio Workspace

I’m going to get right back to arting now! Have a great weekend, guys!
And to my friends, thank you for your patience.
To my family, thank you for your support.

To my husband: YOU BADASS!! THANK YOU!