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I am part of a hardcover book! I have my work published in a collective! EEE! Thank you, Chris Rigg for the gorgeous photos. And thank you Skullture for this opportunity to be shown next to so many artist I admire!

You can get it on Amazon: Skullture: Skulls in Contemporary Visual Culture

PS – I know I’ve ben gone quite a while. Be expecting an update, all about my newest, biggest project I have been working on that has kept me from the interwebs.

All, Muertitas

Muertitas finally available in my store

Thank you so much for those who were able to fill out my Coloring Book Questionnaire – it was very helpful. I have gained some insights that never occurred to me previously. I’m sure you have helped me start creating a much stronger brand.
And now to the main event:

Holiday Muertita Sale
Muertitas are back from their travels & ready to find a home!
To celebrate the Season Of Giving, the Muertitas are temporarily priced at
$650 instead of $800 for the month of December.
 Happy Holidays!


 <Visit My Shop >

All, Muertitas

Collaboration With Tim Tadder – Las Muertas

Photographed by Tim Tadder: THE FULL BEHANCE PROJECT

His  Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Wardrobe by Julia Reeser: Website   |  Instagram   |   Facebook

Hair & Make-up by Dezi V : Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

*  *  * Headdresses, face-paint, and the pattern-halos by ME!  *  *  *

Got some time? Here’s the full story below and behind the scenes photos, as told by cats and Leonard Nimoy.

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Tide And Blossom Show Recap – Beer and Buddies!

FINALLY! A Post! Sorry it’s so late. I have been spending my evenings sleeping since the show. Wow. I should do this sleeping thing more often. I feel amazing.

The Short Version

THANK YOU for all those that came out to the opening night of Tide & Blossom at 8 Ball Art Gallery! You guys made it FAAAAAAAAb-u-lus!. The vibe was wonderful, welcoming, mellow. People hung out and chatted, there were drinks, couches, snacks, and hugs. It was tremendously rewarding to have you show up. And for all those who could not make it, but sent messages and good luck wishes, you warmed my heart! Here’s to you guys!

Also, the show will be up until December 5th, so if you want to swing by the 8 Ball Art Gallery , feel free to check it out. There are affordable art prints available! Get some early holiday shopping done.

The Whole Sheboodle – and PHOTOS!

For this show I became a shut-in for most of the year. I still work full-time as a designer at an advertising agency. During the more intense weeks the schedule went something like this:

• Work at design job all day.
• Take the train home from work.
• Eat dinner.
• Shower.
• Change into painting/sculpting clothes.
• Drink tea or coffee, definitely caffeinated while pondering workflow.
• Decide mood based on workflow then turn on music.
• Work into the wee hours of the morning.
• Around 2 or 3 put on pajamas.
• Sleep 4-5 hours.
• Take train to work.
• Start the whole cycle over again.

Weekends were the best because my goodness, I could work all day!

I was not nearly as stressed as last year. Last year I would have nightmares that no one would show and that my pieces would fall off the wall and shatter. I’d wake up in a sweat. This year, I knew at least 10 people would show in person for sure, and I had enough experience to have confidence in my process. So, I had that going for me.

I was excited. I knew all this work was going to be up, seen, and shared (by at least 10 people).

Then…YOU MADE IT AWESOME! SO MANY MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE!!! You sent messages! You shared on facebook! You re-tweeted and got the word out! Those that were able to come, we partied! This is how we party! 

To make the event extra special, we had some great brews from Paperback Brewing Company. (Thank you guys so much!) They  were so generous with their brews at the opening. They really set the mood and had people chatting over them tasty hops. The handcrafted beers at this event were The Refined Bachelor IPA, In The Red Red Ale, and The Sleeping Monarch Milk Stout. Soooo delish. Follow them on Facebook, maybe they’ll post when you can get a taste!

And now for the photos you guys sent me. Thank you for messaging, tagging (woot #TideAndBlossom!!) and sharing. I made sure to not have my phone on me because I wanted to talk with you all and not miss a thing – so I couldn’t take any photos!

Some More People Just Need To Know They Rock

Special thanks to my Husband. Without you, at my best I would be the frantic, scrappy artist, dumpster diving for wood and scampering around in badly ventilated sheds. With you I have a professional face to show the world, a Studio and an Art Lab (photos coming soon!) to work in, and the courage to take on Behemoths like art shows. Also, thank you for your patience while I spent all my time, and lots of your time, getting ready for this show.

Special thanks to the amazing photographer Chris Rigg. There is only so far a little photo of mine will go. Because of you, the Muertitas have gotten so much internet love, have award winning prints, and have been invited to magazine publications! (More on that last one later.)

And special thanks to B.J. – you helped set-up, drive Muertitas around at 3 AM, to and fro, stop and go, helped paint the Art-Lab, bought food, and are always offering a car ride or a tequila shot.

The experience of a lifetime, twice over now. Thank you for reading this far, for following this long, and for caring this much. Let’s see what the future holds!

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Art Show In London!

I was invited by the Brick Lane Gallery in London to exhibit my art in a 10 day group show!


However, shipping out my Muertitas and paintings is very expensive. It is actually much cheaper to fly myself out and my art personally.


But the real kicker:  I have the group show in downtown Los Angeles in the beginning of March, and this Brick Lane show is mid March….

I have a lot of work to do. February, you will kick my ass.

But, It will be worth it. Also, if you recommend any artsy locations, classic pubs, or great comic shops, just let me know. Really, any place you’ve been that you love and would recommend to a first timer.

As usual, if you want to stay updated of when Muertita’s go on sale, which is usually after shows, please sign up for MY MAILING LIST HERE. 

And here is my SHOWS PAGE on my website which gets updated when there is a show!

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Happy Día De Los Muertos, today and tomorrow!

Golden Harvest says “Hello!”
To meet Golden Harvest and the rest of her sisters, come to the MUERTITAS show November 9th in Burbank!

Have a lovely Día De Los Muertos! May all those we remember shine brightly in our memories!


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Mini Muertita Process – Failures and Wins

Trial and error by learning from videos on the internet has led me to FINISHING casting my first Mini Muertita, I also call Muertitita. I present photos, failures, and some process, all while in the background life said “Oh, hey, let’s make you stronger by throwing some ill-health, bad-timing, living-situation-changes, car-troubles, financial juggling, and your own-damn-personality drama at you – ALL AT ONCE” for a few months. Don’t worry, everything is finally smoothing out . I DO feel stronger for it . . . now.


GOAL: to create well made, solid resin casts of a smaller Muertita, Muertitita, that can ship easier for out of state shows.

Creating the original from SuperSculpy in a process I learned from the esteemed and amazing Matthew Levin

Working on a mini #muertita. Learned armature, sculpy, and better sculpting overall from @mattl21 Matthew Levin. Still learning too, now from trial and error.

I'll have to figure out how much neck texture is too much for casting...i feel some informative mistakes will be in my future

Mini #Muertita is ready for her oven time!

1st attempt at casting antlers
Nope. Just nope. Badly built seams led to leaks everywhere. They were just so tiny and detailed!! I am finding new and more material-expensive processes for the antler casting right now. Until then, each will still be custom for the Muertititas.

2nd attempt at applying SmoothOn Rebound brushable mold 
1st attempt was a major bust (Baa Haaa, see what I did there? Sorry. Anyway.) The 1st attempt I didn’t measure, mix, or apply quite right – but I didn’t know that at the time – so it was mostly goo that never dried and I spent 3 weekends scraping, wiping, and cleaning it off my sculpture. There might have been some tears. But this second one came out great, with about 4-5 layers on it.

Mini #muertita : Second attempt at #casting #smoothon seems to be going better. #art #sculpture #process


The Support Mold
This was by far the easiest, both times.


First Cast
Wow was I ever lucky! It came out beautifully! This moment was amazing. I was sweating from my excitement. The only thing I can compare it to is the very first time I unwrapped a present as a child. The mystery, then the reward of the surprise hidden inside was pure elation! Mini #muertita #casting success! So exciting! Antlers were a total fail but this...this is #thrilling

Second Cast
Almost a total fail. My studio was in-flux so I poured my cast outside which made for some funky airbubbles. As it cured, tied onto wood atop some moving boxes, I left the room. Mew, one of our cats, didn’t approve and knocked it down. The resin leaked and solidified. I had to hammer the mold apart to release my Muertitita which was riddled with air-bubbles. Luckily it was salvageable. Then I made another brush-on-mold and support cast all over again so I could make more of those pretty little faces to paint. I’ll post a photo once I get my little army going.

Well. Had to hammer my mini #muertita out, since the resin leaked and bonded with the outer cast after the cats knocked it all over while it was curing #oops #restart I'll just make another #smoothon brush-on mold and cast ...

By the way, here he is: Mew, The Art Critic.
Aww, look whose helping me unpack #evil #cat #cute

Paint and flowers
At this point it was about acrylic paint, flowers, and paint sealant. It was actually more therapeutic working small than I expected. Well, what I expected was shaking hands and difficult-to-make details. Instead, it was satisfying to mull over the tiniest little line and curve.

The Photo Shoot
Chris Rigg is a long-time friend, as well as a very talented and hard working photographer. Its great to see him work.


Yep. There is is. All done. Prepare for the army!!

To follow more of my process, I usually post it across TumblrInstagram, and Facebook.