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Come Out to my Solo Show November 9th!

Opening Night Saturday November 9th, at 7 PM
Hosted by 8 Ball Art Gallery in Burbank, California.
3424 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 859-7562

My first ever solo show. Drinks will await you! It will be up for about a month, so even if you can’t make it to the opening night, you can still check out the art.


If you are interested in the pre-sale, sign up for my mailing list here.

Krisztianna Solo Show in Burbank, November 9

And now for some of the process photos for new Muertitas! I have been posting these on my Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr , and I present them here with some names and explanations:

My pallette, the color spectrum
for the daughters of Autumn, 
a rainbow of the Harvest Time Of Year

Been painting all weekend! But not as fast as I wanted. Photo of my myriad of #muertita s for you will be delayed. However, defender that rainbow #muertita sketch from earlier? That was for my palette. Here's a sneak peek of my Spectrum Sisters' colors.

Crimson Harvest
It's happening! #muertita #art

Pumpkin Harvest

Another #muertita is ready. #pumpkins anyone?

Golden Harvest

#Pear, #daisy, and #daffodil #muertita #art .  Golden #harvest !

Acorn Harvest

I'd like you to meet this #harvest  #muertita of #acorns, #berries and #peonies. Now I'm off to bed.

Berry Harvest

Hello from #blue roses and berries #harvest #Muertita ! #diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead #calavera #sugarskull #art

Violet Harvest

#purple #harvest #muertita of grapes and berries

Midnight Harvest & Morning Harvest

"Midnight Harvest" and "Morning Harvest" would like to say "Hello". #muertita #art #diadelosmuertos

All the Daughters of Autumn awaiting the show

#muertita clan of the #harvest are back from their photoshoot with the talented Chris Rigg

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Muertita Mood Sketch

I’ve been working away! Sculpting, casting, painting, wrestling with flowers. I thought I’d do a little teaser of my thought process at least, so I’m sharing a mood sketch for my solo show in November. Muertitas inspired by the spectrum of colors during the harvest season.

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A Rainbow Through The Glass

Remember when it was raining? People at my work started to freak out hen we saw the huge, perfect arc of a rainbow outside out work window.  Half of our floor sent out emails, called each-other, and ran to see the beauty of the prisms and light.

Again, photos taken from my brilliant Verizon Droid – I might not always have my camera on me, but I have my phone on me a lot.


CORNIFY! The Joys of Rainbows and Unicorn for EVERYONE!

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Cick to See CORNIFY!