Hello! Greetings! Happy December! Yes, I live. I have been gone in the land of “oh dear fate please let me keep my job” and working hard to make sure fate favors me. Unfortunately, doing so had burned me out creatively. I had not sketched in over 2 months. However, I am finally getting my energy back together for another Armada of Art. You shall see me more oft’ on the blogosphere not just sharing my work but the artists, people, fashions, patterns, and art that excite me and inspire me.
I invite you to comment and to share links/videos/projects you deem similarly memorable, and maybe we can all come out brighter and fresher despite the economic mood and the impending holiday fuss.

And now, time for some pattern appreciation to start the week off:
Found this on a couch – yeah, the couch was sort of AWESOME, like a hound’s tooth pattern bit M.C. Escher

Found this on a button up, collared shirt a friend was wearing, its like a 70’s Hawaiian hibiscus plant, or Creamed Tiki:

All, Inspiration

Pattern Delight

I was doing my regular sweep of Architectural Digest online, when I saw this pattern.

Inspired by Suzanni designs, Dzhambul, a cotton-and-linen blend at Brunschwig & Fils, is in six new color combinations, including coral and green (shown). (June 2008)

I am usually not a fan of that particular green by itself, which on my monitor shows up as a faint pea. But enriched with those reds and the darker green tendrils framed by the auburn stroke changes it.  It creates a lovely, vibrant piece but the green is peaceful. The patterns spiral and move as if in a slow stream through a wildflowered countryside. Leaves and petals appear to float and spin. Its beautiful.