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Thank you!


Thank you to everyone that came out to Refuse To Destroy mixed media group show! It was wonderful. Here are some photos. My very first group gallery show that was as long as week! Also, thank you to those buying my biology + mermaid = awesome Mer-kingdom Coloring Book on Amazon! Such encouragement to make more!!

On the note of making more, I am taking a few days off from making more. Reading webcomics, continue reading Sandman and Saga through COMIXOLOGY, imbibe in the beauty of internet, and upload my newest Muertita photos for sharing. Oh, and find a new RSS feeder now that Google Reader is no longer.

Chris Rigg, many thanks once again for taking amazing photos.

Thank you all who read, share, respond, and color books. It’s a good feeling. There are words for it. Something like…sweetly beholden…yeah…something like that.

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Jellyfish Mermaid

Another addition to my Mer-Kingdom coloring book.

All, Daily Sketches

Daily Sketch : Water Woes

So I sat down today to draw another idea for a mermaid…but whenever I thought about the ocean I fell into a very sad state. I’d bring myself out and start again, only to tumble into dark places in my head. For those of you not plugged in, I’m talking about the BP Oil Spill.

So, instead of fighting sad thoughts I went with them – I felt MUCH better after this sketch, and I already have an idea to draw a cyborg dolphin with a machine gun. Strange how scribblings will ease out feelings from my head and put them on paper.