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Back from Vacay, and Jammin on some arts

Back from Oahu and Maui! It is amazing how a break from usual surroundings, combined with beautiful things to look at, and no expectation can re-fill the creative tank. Travel is an amazing exercise. Just the act of absorbing new surroundings alone is enriching. I can hardly wait for the next trip. Here are some select photos:

windy maui

#marukame #udon in #Waikiki #Hawaii - best noodles i have ever eaten in my life. Two hour bus ride from north shore more than worth it.

#sorbet #surfing #frenchfries #happiness on #Oahu #Hawaii so much #aloha i can't even worry about anything

Accidentally ended up on a horse trail #hiking in #Oahu #Hawaii . These are some of the sights we saw. Posting as we wait for the bus.

My goal is to finish Mer-Kingdom enough for the first proof to be ordered and in the mail before I start my new job next week. Yes, new job, new surroundings, new projects. It will be an adventure for sure. What I have left: facing pages with info about the sea creatures, designing the cover, getting my editor to look at my copy, updating said copy, and ordering my first proof of the book. Hawaii rest fuel – ACTIVATE!!


mer kingdom swordfish

#merkingdom #coloring book final inking. Sister page for this one will be about #jellyfish !

final inking for #merkingdom #coloring book. This ones sister page will be about kelp!