The Magic of Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment

I have been wanting to post about this animation for a while – who knew it was sitting in my drafts folder for so long!
This lovely work was directed and animated by Ari Gibson at Mechanical Apple.

Background art by Jason Pamment
“My name’s Jason, I’m a freelance art director and illustrator based in Adelaide, South Australia. For over 7 years I’ve been collaborating with amazing artists to create entertaining animated films and commercials. ”

The Cat Piano, (mentioned in an old post, you might remember HERE) caught my eye years ago. He directed it with the PRA’s Eddie White, won the 2009 Australian Film Industry award for Best Short Animation, was accepted into the Annecy International Animation Festival and was short-listed for the Academy Awards. Dang. Right?

Musician is of course, Gotye


Wonder Girls "Nobody But You"

Yet another Video Treat. Tis the season for some visual stimulus.
Anything that treats early Motown-like influence in a popped, glossed, and idealized soft glow will most likely win my heart. Pencil skirts, bobs, sequins, and the golden era of the backup singer makes me swoon.

All, Inspiration

New Imogen Heap

New Imogen Heap

Pure Magic.
Thank you Aaron for the link!
Enjoy this wonderful musician, all – new album coming out soon, you can listen to it now!


"Coeur De Pirate" – lovely FrenchCanadian musician

Coeur de Pirate || Comme des enfants from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

Awesome musician find!