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Monday Blues…I Mean Purples

Some digital love for you this Monday.

All, Daily Sketches

Happy Monday! Daily Sketch ā€“ A Future Story

As I sweat and enjoyed the foggy horizon on a beautiful hike with my Beloved, I got a vision of a character. As I described the cascade of images and adventure it inspired, brainstorming with Beloved lead me to rush home and do a quick sketch. I now have another story ā€“ the details will come sometime in a future further than I wish, Iā€™m sure. Here is your first glimpse at my chicken scratches for an impish and wonderful character whose adventures I hope to write down soon!


All, Daily Sketches

Daily Sketch 20090629 : Sour Tat

I have an epic story I have been ruminating on for years that I have been taking notes on – for the first time I tried drawing one of the characters. Even tho it has al the traits i want: bald, tatoos, robe, sour expression, it doesn’t look like her yet. But i thought I would share anyway.