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Some more Mer-Kingdom Inkings

Some more final inkings of my Mer-Kingdom coloring book! Next is the individual sea creatures that will get their little info page.

Final inking of the night. #merkingdom #coloring book . #eel . Hand and neck so tired. Have a great evening all!

Final inking #merkingdom #coloring book. #hammerhead shark!

Final inking for #merkingdom coloring book. #sea #anemone

Final inkings #merkingdom coloring book. #killerwhale

Final inking for #merkingdom #coloring book. #dolphin

Final inkings #merkingdom #coloring book. #sunfish

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Update on Mer-Kingdom

Plugging away at the inkings. Still need to do some more mer-peeps, then all their animal companions, then finish writing their little stories, get that edited/proofread, make the layouts, order a proof, adjust file, order another proof – repeat until just right –

Final inking for #merkingdom coloring book #seahorse

#merkingdom coloring book final inking for #cuttlefish


Final inking #merkingdom  #narwhal

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Inking Mer-Kingdom


Preparing to ink the sketches from my upcoming coloring book, Mer-kingdom, with my new Sakura micron inks. So much work too still do: finish up the writing, sketch and ink the creatures on the opposite page of each mermaid, scan, cleanup digitally, layout, design the cover…my hope is to spend the next two months finishing this up to have the book ready and in the Amazon marketplace by December. Right now its easier just to think about each Merperson one at a time, rather than dreading more sleepless nights. I need to keep up the momentum, because I know how good it will feel to finish this and share it with others.

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A Little Sea Witch and The Giant Squid

The reason why I call my next coloring book Mer-Kingdom is because even tho most of the entries are mermaids, there are also other mer-folk. I think sea-witches can be quite cute, awesome, and kind. The evil ones gives sea-witches a bad name. Oh yeah, and her buddy is a Giant Squid 😉


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More mer-peeps for FRIDAY!

On the facing pages of my Creatures Of Legend, there was an actual story about that creature. For my new coloring book, I’ll be pairing each mer-person with some sea-creature, and the facing page will have a little bio abut that organism. This is so exciting because I love the ocean and all its fascinating creatures. To merge my fantasy drawing with a story of my biology fandom is quite exciting.


Killer Whale


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I promised mermaids, and here they are!

So, due to my scanner being out of touch with my needs, there was a bit of backup of mermaid sketches. Now that it is back online, I present to you more rough ideas for my new coloring book:

Don’t worry, there will be mer-men to color in as well!






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DAILY SKETCHES RETURN and Coloring Book Update

Starting daily sketches again! And yes, mermaids on the brain for…you guessed it – a Mermaid coloring book!

But what about the Fantasy Creatures coloring book, you ask?
Well I will have you know its finished, and going through the process of approvals right now. Here is the cover, for your viewing pleasure. It will be available in a few weeks or so, but I will let you know!