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Daily Sketches 23 – Character Art and Hand Portait

More character sketches from the land of the Muertita. After I get some proper character turnarounds for these guys they will be formally introduced to you. But for now these are some mood sketches. Everything is so different when out on paper…er…on pixels. I’m already thinking of little redesigns.


A sketch of my hand again. Its still just as hard to draw it as it was 23 days ago. Maybe it will get easier after 360 days.

Daily Sketches, Illustration, Muertitas

Daily Sketches 22 – Bystander and Muertita-verse

I took the sketch from a previous Daily Imagination and colored it. This is a scene from the land of the Muertita.

Detail bit

An innocent bystander on the train, who was quite displeased with the email he was writing.

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Sketchin’ on the Choo Choo 3

You seem to have dropped some stars there, Miss!


iPad sketch while commuting on the train using the app sketchbook pro.

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Daily Sketch 20090819 : Coloring Book Page #1

So, the short version: Weekdays too crazy to paint my book due to work. Weekends are my painting days now. Feeling unproductive, frustrated, and stagnant artistically during the week, so: During week will try to turn some daily sketches into coloring book pages for my nieces. Would like to publish a coloring book from these. This is the first.
Will send to siblings, have them tell me what their kids said, or drooled. Ages 2-6.

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Tilly and the Wall – Tapshoes, tutus, magic

As Aaron so brilliantly put: “they’re pure concentrated happiness”
I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for introducing me!

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Daily Sketch 20090603 : Magic Carpet Ride With Parasol

Presenting, my new watermark! YAY! As well as a very skin health conscious damsel on a flying carpet.


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Daily Sketch : Wednesday

Daily Sketch 20090107 by *Krisztianna on deviantART

An old, crabby Phoenix whom I would like to interview. He looks like hes got a few stories.