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Canadian Artists, why you so cool?

The power of the internet surges and tumbles, tweets, pins, and posts. Across the bandwidth waves, I float and discover artists who are new or have been around forever and I am a total noooob. Is Canada overtaking my interwebs and filling my posts with cool artists who I am now following, pinning, and pleasantly stalking?

HEY! Canada! Hey! You listening? I’ve only ever been to Toronto – and that place was full of badass bilingual ladies with cool hair and beautiful tattoos. I figured I got lucky and Toronto was a little Oasis of Awesome in a giant, snowy wilderness I knew nothing about. Other than you having the highest population of wolverines, which only goes to further your badassity because they are one of the coolest carnivores EVER. Also your maple syrup and food there was bonkers good. Now you are showing me your shmancy artists and I have to say: Dang. What is UP with CANADA?!?

So, here is my list so far – please feel free to add in the comments. I probably follow more artists that are Canadian but had no idea since I wasn’t there when they mentioned it in a post. Yes, yes, tons of amazing artists from all around the world, just giving some of the love back right now to those who have been dressing up my tumblr and twitter feeds these past few weeks!

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Renee Nault – Illustrator, comic artist – check our her work. Just BEAUTIMUS. Her comic Witchling will be at the Toronto Comic Festival, which sounds glorious because its so far from me and I’ve never been (On their homepage they feature Taiyō Matsumoto whose work I lurrrrrve….gahh… Reign it in Brain….stop diverging. You are talking about Renee right now.) You can also buy some of her arts at her shop or follow her on twitter!

 *  *  *  *  *  *

Genevieve F. T. – I’m telling you, Candadians be poppin’ up on mah tumblr, twitter, or featured in comic blogs. Blushing, stylized pinups as well as adorable character art with a great sensitivity to silhouette and color. Just delicious. Yes, also on twitter and facebook!

 *  *  *  *  *  *

Jeff Simpson – concept artist at Ubisoft with incredible textures, moody palettes, and makes fantastical structures on humans look possible and mystical. He worked on Snow White and the Huntsman, – just LOOKIT some o’ dis concept art. He’s also doing a live painting tutorial with…

 *  *  *  *  *  *

Keita Morimoto – isn’t this Canada thing bonkers?!? ITS STILL GOING! A fine artist from Japan, but moved to Toronto. On his website you will see some works that have been filling tumblr with quiet scenes that are rich with energy. People might be sitting still, or gazing off canvas, but the colors and composition he chooses make them vibrate, like they are anticipating something. Follow him on Twitter or Google+. And hes doing that live painting thing with Jeff Simpson. You in Canada? Go to it, then tell me about it so I can sulk behind my computer screen.

 *  *  *  *  *  *

Tim Skinner – gifted sculptor and a brilliant twitter conversationalist, I think due to the fact that he’s also writer. Dem peeps whoo eez gud wid der werds! Technically, I have been following him for a while, but we’re talking about Canadians and he was my first clue that the frozen North was up to something  beyond the wall. YOU KNOW NOTHING JOHN SNOW! I digress. He posts great process photos and beautiful finished works at his blog

 *  *  *  *  *  *

Karl Kerschl – overall badass accomplished artist who I have been stalking for a while. I discovered him through the art and story he makes for his comic The Abominable Charles Christopher, the most adorable snowman you will ever meet. Had to include him. Yes, facebook and twitter.

 *  *  *  *  *  *

Chris Hadfield – Slightly diverged, but still on point in my mind because he’s an artist of mind, music, and the stars. He’s the astronaut who sang Bowie in space. Let us take a moment and enjoy his music video again. <swooooon> He has his own youtube channel. SUBSCRIBE TO SPACE MAGIC!

 *  *  *  *  *  *

In my surprise of all this Canadian beauty, I did a websearch for “Canadian Comic Artists” and whobam! Lookit this post by the the Joe Shuster Awards. Time for me to dive in and take this from odd accident to figuring out: What is this magic in the frozen north?

Canada. They make wolverines, artists, and astronauts there.

I like that so much I did a quick sketch. Hmm – maybe I should do a little illo whenever I post. Meh, more work. I’ll do it sometimes.

Canada Is The Frozen North