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Wild Ride and Falling Off The Grid

This last weekend we dropped off the Muertitas and watercolor paintings from my first solo show to their new homes. Jamie of 8 Ball Gallery drove, while Rosie the squirrel was our navigator!
Just finished dropping off the last of the #muertita clan with Jamie the driver and Rosie the navigator. It was nuts!

Although the show is over, the thrill of it will stay with me for a long while still. It’s one thing to make the art, but something else entirely to have you connect with a piece and bring it into your home. Thank you to friends, family, newcomers, and cheer squads for helping make this year so rewarding and the show such a great time.

New Show in MARCH 2014!

SO EXCITED to tell you, I have been invited by the Assembly Line Collective to be part of a group show at in Downtown LA at Think Tank Gallery at the beginning of March. It really is an honor since there will be many artists with a lot of draw (giggle). Two especially prolific and talented artists I admire WILL BE SHOWING THERE:  Allison Torneros and Jennifer Healy!

The fact that I get to show in the same space as these guys is blowing my mind. I get about 15 feet of wall. All the large paintings and Muertitas have sold, so I have 2 months to step up my game.

I guess I should stop messing around on here and make some art!

Good Peeps

Thank you to all of you for sharing these artsy adventures and getting it out there. If there was no internet, and no happy links, the Muertita Clan and my stories and paintings would sit silently in the recesses of art sheds and bookcases, growing in numbers as they creep out the neighbors and the UPS guy.

Have a wonderful holiday, and a great new year. Time for self inflicted sleepless nights!