Just an update about my iPad

Hey guess what will be coming back soon: DAILY SKETCHES!! There may be a new iPad, as well as as new stylus and new dodo case in my future. I’ll be upgrading my stylus to a Jot Touch – I hear great things about it with the iPad Air 2  and my favorite drawing app for iPad, Procreate.

Hear that, THIEF! I’VE MOVED ON! I WILL KEEP SKETCHING DIGITALLY, despite your wicked ways! <weeps silently>

I will post when my new buddy (case, iPad, stylus)  is all good and ready, hopefully with a review of my own. There weren’t many reviews for the Jot Touch, at least when it came to what I was interested in knowing.

Aurélien Chevaleyrias – Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint quick review – This review was very informative about the history of how far adonit has come, the actual size of the tip, charging, and much more.

Ben Frank Art – Jot Touch Pixelpoint Review+Procreate : This review was great for showing me what I wanted to see – different brushstrokes, how bad the lag was, the visual distance between the “surface” I was drawing on and the tip of the pen.

Until later!

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Daily Sketches 25 – MerBear and Fancy Ponytail

Sorry there were no posts last week. My dayjob in advertising can get demanding, and I had very little time for anything but designing, designing, designing.
I’ll be traveling to a friend’s wedding in a few days, OVERSEAS! I’ll will do my best to keep these sketches daily, but I might have to post them all when I get back – depends on the kind of internet I’ll be able to snag over there.
So, until then, this little guy finds living under the sea unBEARabel without his besties.

And a friend of mine with mystically gorgeous hair allowed me to photograph her majestic ponytail for reference for my DailyObservation.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 3

Daily Imagination of a Muertita
#DailyObservation and #DailyImagination

Daily observation of two hands holding
#DailyObservation and #DailyImagination

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Daily Sketch – Ruby Milk

It’s joy to be able to play with pressure sensitivity on the iPad with my new Intuos Creative Stylus! I really got to go to town on the hair. See those thicks and thins? Thats from REAL pressure sensitivity, not a speed ratio. Of course it’s nothing like the Wacom tablet because you can change how sensitive you like your surface, and I have mine set to rather high – also nothing beats pen and paper, but dang this is really enjoyable to undo, redo, and have layers and PRESSURE SENSORS!!!. Just awesome!

Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

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Sketchin’ on the choo choo makes interstellar fox

He’s been going to warp wayyy before humans.

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Sketchin on the choo choo – chibi fire fox kitten bunny

Dunno what it is, but it looks like it’s gonna light something on fire by accident if it freaks out.

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Sketchin’ on da choo-choo – purple glances

Sketchin’ on the train with my iPad, playing with some brushes. Also, studio is done. I just want to get some nice daylight photos for you all this weekend accompanied by a proper post. SO EXCITED! SO MUCH ART TO FINISH!!


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Tired but happy

Still chugging along. Work during the day for clients, flexing our advertising and design chops with a great group of people. Working at night with moving into the new place so I can get back to doing my art, and meet my personal deadlines for my art shows coming up.

So: tired because of all the work, crazy schedule, and lack of sleep, but happy because the kindness of family and friends is the best.

I will have photos of a finished studio…soon…SOON.

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Sketchin on the choo choo – Skulls!

Playing with the “mirror” draw effect in sketchbook pro. For the symmetrically challenged like myself, this is faaaantastic! I draw only one side and the other reflects automatically – sweeet!

I have been working out the idea of a sugar skull coloring book with some educational blurbs about Dia De Los Muertos, so you might see a few more of these skully sketches 😉


Drawn on the iPad whilst commuting on the train.

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Sketchin’ on the Choo Choo 3

You seem to have dropped some stars there, Miss!


iPad sketch while commuting on the train using the app sketchbook pro.