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Daily Sketches 24 – Sunglasses and Magic Hair

Something I really enjoy about pressure sensitivity with the intuos stylus, is drawing wisps of hair.

Its true. They are broken. And scratched. I have other sunglasses that are newer, easier to see through…and not broken. Yet I still grab these before heading off to the train. Today they modeled for me. No previous experience, and they stayed perfectly still!

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Daily Sketch – Ruby Milk

It’s joy to be able to play with pressure sensitivity on the iPad with my new Intuos Creative Stylus! I really got to go to town on the hair. See those thicks and thins? Thats from REAL pressure sensitivity, not a speed ratio. Of course it’s nothing like the Wacom tablet because you can change how sensitive you like your surface, and I have mine set to rather high – also nothing beats pen and paper, but dang this is really enjoyable to undo, redo, and have layers and PRESSURE SENSORS!!!. Just awesome!

Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus