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Sketchin on the choo choo – chibi fire fox kitten bunny

Dunno what it is, but it looks like it’s gonna light something on fire by accident if it freaks out.

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Sunday Manxy

Working on getting more comfortable with custom brushes and making things directly in photoshop. This warm-up painting came out cute, so I wanted to share! I think I might start peppering my sketch postings with some digital work, when it works out.


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Panda Painting This Weekend : Update

I thought I could finish this Panda Painting this weekend – I’m almost done but tis time for bed. I still need to be ready and able for work tomorrow. I’d like to share what Panda looks like so far. Maybe next weekend will be the magical day I finish my first of 13 paintings for this great project. I’m really glad I moved to acrylics. Even though I miss the effects of watercolor, the relationship of the brush with the paper, and all the tricks I know for neat water-dop effects, acrylic is definitely friendlier for the “paint as much as quick as I can” project. Also, the colors are turning out really rich, which is always a pleasure for me to work with.

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Daily Sketch 20090805 : Little Gaurdian

I have a facination with fennec foxes. They look like pure magic.

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Daily Sketch 20090714 : Fuffly

Meet Fuffly! Hes very fluffy and furry and cute and likes pets. Heeees FUFFLY!


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Daily Sketch 20090609 : Vampire Bunny

She all into the Nom Nom factor. Not sure she’s keen on carrots though…

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Daily Sketch : Monday

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Uhh, its fluffy. Not really sure what else to say of it. Is he laughing at me?