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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 20

In the land of the Muertita, the characters take a stroll. Maybe this could be a process post, I might try and finish this one.

A man on the train had a beautiful beard and cheekbones. It was quite a challenge not to catch his attention by drawing him.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 19

I need some rechargeable batteries for my wacom creative stylus. These sketches were finished without any pressure sensitivity, so it felt like I was using a blunt instrument. You know what doesn’t run out of batteries? A PENCIL. Grrrr.

Still…despite how much I love traditional media, drawing on the iPad has an amazing benefit. It was VERY nice to be able to lean back on the couch in a soothingly dim room. I could draw comfortably and still see my screen. I really enjoyed that. It makes drawing after a draining day a bit easier. Until of course the batteries died, I ran out of spares, and the stylus was no better than using my finger.

Heads up – my daily sketches might not be as daily as I prepare for my Solo Show in Burbank November 8, and Group Show at Hollywood Forever Nov 1. I will do my best, but they will be getting erratic.

Now for more hair bows! Spending time figuring out how I want them to sit on my characters head. Also showing you the photo that got me obsessed.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 18

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I was working on this scene from the Muertita-verse, it took me two train rides. Some more characters are being worked out! You may recognize those hair-bows though 😉

I am now a “regular” at Denny’s. The waitress automatically brought me a black coffee and a glass of water as soon as I sat down. As I sketched I was left alone, except for food/coffee/water refills, and I was happy. These two fellows inspired my sketches today. One was quite serious, and the other quite jolly.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 17

DailyObservation of friend during lunch – didn’t have time to finish it, since we were all eating and chatting, so I cropped the image to make up for it. Oddly, It works for me.

DailyImagination of a main character within the Muertita-verse. These are some new hairstyles I’m playing with. I’m partial to the hair-bow with the bangs.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 13

A bystander on the train listening intently to his music. He sat still just long enough for me to observe the light on his face.

A little Unikitty  (kittycorn? flutterkitty?) hopes her cute fluffiness with counteract the consequences of her greedy little tummy.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 6

Daily observation of a dear friend and family member. Prepare yourselves, there will be more attempts at sneaky sketches of people nearby me! These are challenging, because for these I prefer the subject move and act natural, not hold a pose. Preferably, they don’t know if I am sketching them, even if they suspect it. So, much of my sketches are quick and gestural, but I believe if I practice this enough I’ll get faster and more accurate. Hopefully.


Daily Imagination of some chick with cool hair. Remember, the point of these is NO reference, the opposite of Daily Observation, where I make myself draw what I see. I am trying to exercise the extremes of my brain. I am most comfortable in the middle, a bit of reference with a lot of imagination.


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Tuesday Sketch : Angry Face

THIS one was really fun: no planning, no thought, just me and fatty sharpie marker. I want to do more of these. She’s so FIERCE!


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Daily Sketches : Comicon Saturday Sunday Doodles


Comicon. This was my first time going – EVER! The speakers were wonderful, so brilliant – I actually got to see James Jean who its totally awesome and not just an amazing illustrator.
But…the crowds were terrifying. So terrifying, that Sunday I didn’t even go to Charles Vess’s signing, something I had been looking forward to for months, because Saturday’s crowds were so crazy. Otherwise, it was fantastic. Yeah. Other than cold sweat, chest pains, and breathing exercises, it was allllll good!
Next time I’m wearing really big shoes so I’m super tall, and a spiked inner tube so people don’t knock me around.