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Aniko, you taught me how to overcome my bad dreams. Thank you, and I miss you!

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Klaus Kinski – what big eyes you have

Klaus Kinski (Wiki Page Link) was German actor from roughly 1948 to1989…I have never seen any of his films, and honestly I think they might scare me…from what I’ve read of them. But he has the most frightfully deep eyes I have ever seen. I could stare at these photos forever and a day. I must draw him. I think I will model one of my characters out of a story I have after him. What a face. My goodness. I’m still staring. If i had one ounce of his gravitas I wouldn’t even know how to work it. I’d just stare at people until they vaporized.

The image was found and taken from here, a brilliant blog of imagery and art.