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Crazy Awesome Dream

Last night, I had a crazy awesome dream. It was so awesome and featured some of my artist friends and those I admire, so I felt it appropriate to share:

I was walking around Los Angeles, and I effortlessly ended up at the front gates of the LA Convention center, where the convention was for none other than The Society Of Children’s Book Writer’s And Illustrators (SCBWI). (In waking life I am a member, and have great respect for the organization. I went to a convention once and it was mind-blowing. It helped me step up my illustration game). I found the help desk where I asked if I could wander for free (In waking life, you need to pay a hefty sum to meet all the awesome talent and listen to their lectures) and they said “Absolutely! All Weekend! Plus we have the writer of Peanuts here.” As I bolted down the colorful convention halls to go stalk Charles Schulz, I heard my name announced loudly over the convention speakers. A gasp emanated from a small crowd at another info booth. I busted a 180 and galloped over. Important looking people were drawing names for who was chosen to get into Artist Alley at next year’s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) infront of a dry-erase board. Upon seeing me run up, they wrote my name on the board under the namesĀ Sarah Kushner, Purple Top Hat, Megan Lara, and Tess Fowler. Someone next to me said “You sure are lucky you got here in time!”. As I turned to see who said that, I no longer saw crowds or a convention hall, but a crystal clear, azure ocean. I was on a luxury sailboat. Looking down, I saw in my hands the certificate that proved I got a spot in SDCC. In waking there is no certificate, but in my dream it looked like those gold inked graduation diplomas. The wind was on my face, and I could hear the sails luffing right before they caught a strong wind as the boat and I scooted off toward a beautiful island on the horizon. I got so excited, I woke myself up.

Yes, I will say that again. I got SO EXCITED, that I woke myself UP from sleeping. I sat up in bed, my heart was pounding….and even when I realized it was just a dream, it was such a good dream I wasn’t sad it wasn’t real. I promised myself I would share it in the morning.

Have a lovely Thursday. I know I am. If today gets me down, I’ll just remember that a dream is a wish your heart makes.

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Lucid Dreams

Aniko, you taught me how to overcome my bad dreams. Thank you, and I miss you!

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Sunday Sketch : A Dream Of Flight

I rarely post things this unfinished anymore…but i liked the lines and the fact that I drew this right after waking up from a long, intense, and vibrant dream – I was still in a dreamy stupor and I sat up in bed, grabbed my sketchbook from the nightstand, and drew and wrote notes before the dream slipped from me. I like it so much I’ve incorporated this into one of my graphic novels. Sometime soon I shall create a finished drawing for my main character.