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Ascension Painting Finished!

Finally, after months, I finished this piece I titled “Ascension”.

This is for an art exchange with Pablo Ramos, a fantastic artist. I have one of his original pieces in exchange for one of mine! However, he had to wait a lot longer for his (Sorry Pablo!)

I’ve decide to use this piece for my marketing postcards when I go to the SCBWI conference in a few weeks. I am so excited about possibly meeting some publishers or agents!


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Coloring Book Sketch #6 : WYVERN

Scan as promised! And thank you for your well wishes, I am much better. It helped to leave work early and get a solid 12 HOURS of SLEEP! Yikes! I konked out!

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Purple Dragon Illustration

Playing with watercolor. Prints of this are available on DeviantArt, check it out here! There’s MOUSE PADS TOO!!
Its playing with magic.

Purple Dragon