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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 12

I missed out on posting anything this weekend, but I had a good reason. I was working on the Art Lab all weekend. As soon as we woke up, until we collapsed in the evening, it was all  about working on that space. It has become a much bigger project than originally planned, but it is also turning out rather exciting.
I’m adding some instagram photos of The Art Lab’s process after the sketches.






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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 11

This is yesterday’s post, but the day was too busy to post. So, HAPPY FRIDAY!

My Converse:

Another unikitty! Cat-icorn? Flutterkitty?

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 10

Here is my character, Arabus, in the process of reviving a Muertita.

I plucked this flower off a bush to be able to take it to a table and sketch it. It wilted so quickly, I felt bad. It had been so happy on the bush, being alive and all that, hoping for bees to come by and compliment it whilst digging around for pollen. I will start taking photos instead.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 9

Uni-Kitties are adorable! So are Unicorn Flies. Raaar!

Another innocent bystander at Denny’s Diner. This kid was very un-excited about having to eat his food. The way the light came in from the window was so cool. As I tried to finish the drawing he noticed that I was observing him. He got curious and I pretended I was never watching him by avoiding eye contact and staring at everyone else. Meanwhile the waitresses at Denny’s just keep refilling my coffee and let me sketch away .

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 8

‪#‎DailyObservation‬ of my left hand again. Seriously, drawing my hand is actually really fun – always a challenge!

This ‪#‎DailyImagination‬ is more freeform character exploration of a main character from my ‪#‎Muertita‬ – verse.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination Week 1 complete!

This is technically posting Monday, but its still only a bit after midnight on Sunday. I can say I completed a week of one #DailyImagination sketch and one #DailyObservation sketch. Let’s see if this will continue for a few more weeks. I may even combine them in one sketch on occasion.

This Daily Observation is from Dr. Sketchy’s this afternoon! 11:11 ACC will be hosting Dr. Sketchy’s once a month. Scroll down their page of events to see when the next one is. Check it out, sign up, come and draw!


This is a dear character of mine named Arabus. He knows about Muertitas. You will see more of him 🙂2014_07_13_DailyImagination007

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 6

Daily observation of a dear friend and family member. Prepare yourselves, there will be more attempts at sneaky sketches of people nearby me! These are challenging, because for these I prefer the subject move and act natural, not hold a pose. Preferably, they don’t know if I am sketching them, even if they suspect it. So, much of my sketches are quick and gestural, but I believe if I practice this enough I’ll get faster and more accurate. Hopefully.


Daily Imagination of some chick with cool hair. Remember, the point of these is NO reference, the opposite of Daily Observation, where I make myself draw what I see. I am trying to exercise the extremes of my brain. I am most comfortable in the middle, a bit of reference with a lot of imagination.