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Sketchin’ on the choo choo makes interstellar fox

He’s been going to warp wayyy before humans.

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Sketchin’ on the choo choo makes a drunk-unicorn-squirrel

Go home weird little unicorn-squirrel, you’re drunk.

Someone had a leeeeetle too much pixie dust!


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Sketchin on the choo choo – chibi fire fox kitten bunny

Dunno what it is, but it looks like it’s gonna light something on fire by accident if it freaks out.

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Sketchin’ on the choo choo 2

iPad sketch while commuting on the train using the app sketchbook pro. I think this may be a Pug-Unicorn-Kitten.


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We Reached 300 Fans On Facebook!! Painting On Ebay For $1 Soon!

A hearty thank you to my readers, supporters, and fellow artists: we reached 300 fans on my Facebook Fan Page! This is an awesome feat. You see, I turned 30 years old on the 30th of this last October, and now there are 300 fans. All these threes and zeros would make my head spin, but I just think its awesome. To celebrate, I’m putting a painting on Ebay for $1 sometime in the next few weeks. Yep, an original painting for ONE DOLLAR!!! So, if you are the ONE person who bids on it before the bidding closes, you will get a painting for one buck. Or, a few people bid and you get an original for $3! You get the idea. In this way I reward the readers and frequenters on the blog-o-sphere. I will let you know when that happens….hold on to your garters because it will be soon.

Today’s daily sketch is dedicated to you guys:

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Ascension Painting Finished!

Finally, after months, I finished this piece I titled “Ascension”.

This is for an art exchange with Pablo Ramos, a fantastic artist. I have one of his original pieces in exchange for one of mine! However, he had to wait a lot longer for his (Sorry Pablo!)

I’ve decide to use this piece for my marketing postcards when I go to the SCBWI conference in a few weeks. I am so excited about possibly meeting some publishers or agents!