Maternity Shoot and 1 Year Announcement

Long time no see!

I’ve had a project brewing since late 2015 in collaboration with my husband, and it really required all my resources. But now after a successful year, I can finally announce where I’ve been. 😉

Drum roll –

We had a baby!

This is a poster I made to thank a few of the people who really helped me get through that first hurdle of pregger-land. I made all but one of the costumes, shot their poses in our home, and it took me a year to finally finish the post-production. Sleep-deprivation via baby is really quite intense, and even finishing a load of laundry has become a task. It feels rather good to have completed this piece.

Here’s a quick process gif:

And here is the reality. Our kitty decided he wanted in on the shoot as well. My other kitty was far too shy – but yes, we have 2 black kitties – they are represented rather accurately in the above poster, don’t ya think?

Pregnancy and new-parenthood took a toll on me, and my art production went to almost nothing. Driving to my job was hard enough with the growing belly and the energy it took me to make a person. I was able to squeeze in a project here and there, like making headdresses and painting faces for the Jägermeister 2016 Día De Los Muertos campaign! But most sketches were unfinished, and art shows did not happen.


And now this: It is March 2017 – He’s a year old!


What a project this is, parenting. Completely new, exciting, exhausting, and a great ride. Hopefully, we are finally getting a handle on this thing, and I can start making more art again. Slowly, so “baby-steps”. (HAAA!) I really need to get this sleep thing figured out.

I am full of hope that I will be posting more, drawing more, making more, moving forward with creating things, while being a parent and working in advertising full-time. But as you know, doing takes more than hope and daydreams.

Sleep; you beautiful, elusive creature: Come to me.