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Daily Sketches 25 – MerBear and Fancy Ponytail

Sorry there were no posts last week. My dayjob in advertising can get demanding, and I had very little time for anything but designing, designing, designing.
I’ll be traveling to a friend’s wedding in a few days, OVERSEAS! I’ll will do my best to keep these sketches daily, but I might have to post them all when I get back – depends on the kind of internet I’ll be able to snag over there.
So, until then, this little guy finds living under the sea unBEARabel without his besties.

And a friend of mine with mystically gorgeous hair allowed me to photograph her majestic ponytail for reference for my DailyObservation.

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Last Dance

Sorry I was gone for a few days – the evenings escaped me. I look back and can’t remember why I was so busy, then I remember I was being social which is not something I usually do – hence my surprise as I reminisce on why I didn’t have time to scan and post.
Thank you for the title, Francis! I’m going to clean this up and submit to Threadless. I’ve been dismissed by them before, so again won’t be a problem.

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Painting a Song

Donny, I can’t thank you enough for this link. First-timers, this is worth the wait. Do something else for a while or something – cause once this starts, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy.