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Marco Mazzoni – You blow my mind.

I am going to start writing some of these Artist based inspiration blog posts as if I am writing them TO the artist. From now on.

So, here is the first:


Dear Marco Mazzoni,

Your art blows my mind. You make feeling vulnerable ok again for the moment it takes to absorb these visuals. I wish I could say “I Must Meet YOU!” but the truth is, I wouldn’t know what to say if I did. I would shake your hand, and hope that some of that sensational skill and visualization rubs off on me. Until then, I look forward to more work from you. But more than anything, I can hardly wait to see one of your works in person.

Juxtaposition attracts me consistently, so there is a level of surprise that I seek out and therefore am accustomed to. But when I look at these butterflies, flowers, and hummingbirds blooming and erupting from a lucid face of light, I am surprised at how gentle and ferocious it can be at once. I like to be surprised.



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I did not make it in, but that won't stop me!

Art Takes London has chosen their artists, and I was not amongst them.
To see the winners, and the truly powerful top 100 finalists, I encourage you to check it out
As much as all who entered hoped to be chosen, and that little sting upon realizing, “Not this time,” it was still a wonderful experience to see, read, and feel all your support as I made my attempts at sharing my art with the world.
I thank you, and present to you a new piece (below) for your patience this week with my internet silence as I dayjob, nightdraw, and prepare my special edition Sleepless book for the eventual book signing!

I will not be having a show in an awesome gallery in the metropolis that is London….YET….

In other news, I have a page on Saatchionline, an online network for fine artists. Of course, “The Birth Of Density” is my first piece on there. 🙂


Ronnie's Corner

Happy Friday fellow readers! I asked my friend, Art Collector, Gallery Curator, And Fine Art Aficionado, Ronnie Pirovino the following:

“What would you recommend to an artist who wants to approach a gallery with a body of work?”


“Look for galleries that are doing shows with emerging artists. Most of
them do group exhibitions. The best way to get your foot in the door
is through group shows. Have a professional website with your
portfolio and be prepared when you make a personal visit. If you
demonstrate some care as to the way you present yourself, it’ll go a
long way. Don’t be afraid to call and chat with whomever answers the
phone and obtain a contact to email at the gallery. If they agree to
review the artwork, follow up after a couple of weeks with an email.
There are so many galleries on the planet that if you get a ‘pass’
from someplace, another may be very eager for your art. Persistence
will allow you the obtain the opportunities that will come easier as
you become more established. Focus on creating great artwork, first
and foremost, then undertake marketing it with the same zeal.”

I will be applying these thoughts as I continue to create my art. I hope his feedback will help you as well. As time goes on, I will continue to pick his brain because of his invaluable experience, observation, information, and a sterling lover of art in the ideal-est of terms.

Draw on!

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Pattern Delight

I was doing my regular sweep of Architectural Digest online, when I saw this pattern.

Inspired by Suzanni designs, Dzhambul, a cotton-and-linen blend at Brunschwig & Fils, is in six new color combinations, including coral and green (shown). (June 2008)

I am usually not a fan of that particular green by itself, which on my monitor shows up as a faint pea. But enriched with those reds and the darker green tendrils framed by the auburn stroke changes it.  It creates a lovely, vibrant piece but the green is peaceful. The patterns spiral and move as if in a slow stream through a wildflowered countryside. Leaves and petals appear to float and spin. Its beautiful.


Work is still priority – Princess and the Frog

I realize I have not been posting sketches, and I have one to post but I have not had the time to scan. I am frustrated by this, but I wanted to let you know I have not given up this project of sketching everyday. Work has been taking up a beastly amount of time, but everyday I still tell myself: SKETCH IF YOU CAN.

So, I wanted to show you what I have been working on. Here is the Princess and the Frog website, please enjoy! I was the lead designer, but in no way did I do this alone – these projects are all a group effort with brilliant people who hopefully someday I will be like.  I am very happy with this one.

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Fashion Desires : Rock & Republic Alexa

I’m not sure I would ever have the courage to wear these…because they would definitively wear me. They look like a moment in time when fabric and chain mail is being pulled through water. These shoes would not be about me, it would be about the shoes. The only thing I could do to detract from the shoes is get a great tan and wear nothing else BUT the shoes. If I WERE to wear anything, it would have to be as theatrical as the shoe…and then both would overtake me and I would look like a dumpy mannequin. Anyway, I hope I see someone wearing them who could really WEAR THEM, and not visa versa, because these are an incredible work of art. Like: Gisele Bündchen. She would TOTALLY rock these…yeah..cause shes a Brazilian supermodel…but I think that’s what it would take for this shoe. <silent sob>

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Fashion Desires : Guiseppe Zanotti I86196




A beautiful shoe…that color, the lines…its like strapping porsche to my feet. I like how from the front it looks like a really expensive, flat, Italian business shoe and then you turn and WHAM. That Italian shoe has turned into a shaded jade column of gorgeous, just to hold up your feet. These, my friends, are anti-gravity goddess-on-the-go Oxfords. Hot DAYAM.