Press Kit 2013-2014


Krisztianna’s Artist Statement

Terrible beauty inspires me. I see it in cultural myths, nature and her cycles, folk art, love, loss, and finding fairness in an unfair world. I could list the sea of creatives that I look to daily, but storytellers like Hayao Miyazaki, Yoshitaka Amano, Mœbius, and José Guadalupe Posada especially inspire my highest of aspirations.
Día De Los Muertos has offered me and those I love comfort as I grew up, and continue to grow. Birth, death, and rebirth are all fascinating concepts, and the the art of the sugar skull is a powerful visual that helps me express my joy of life and respect of finality.
These mixed-media sculptures I call “Muertitas”. They represent characters in an unpublished story of mine. Until then, I introduce these Muertitas as nature spirits reflecting the fragility of our earth. Despite their horrible experience, they continue to bloom and grow, waiting for a home where they can rest and impart their wisdom. Their materials can include resin, clay, wood, styrofoam, stainless steel wire, epoxy, paper maché, synthetic and silk flowers, freeze-dried leaves and plants, acrylic paint, and acrylic sealants.
All this is done while working as a designer by day. I go home after art-directing to sculpt, paint, and self publish coloring books and experimental graphic novels. Maybe one day my arting adventures will be full-time. Until then my husband, family, friends and cats sweetly support this exhausting and anti-social behavior. Well…maybe not the cats, those moody beasties.

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Artist Krisztianna Announces Her Second Solo Show “Tide & Blossom” in Burbank

Opening Reception November 8, 2014 – 7 PM

California based artist, Krisztianna, announced second solo show earlier this month. Designer by day and artist by night, she is presently best known for mixed media sculptures she calls Muertitas. These beheaded woodland nymphs with their Day of the Dead style flavored with European fairy-tale flair sold out last year. This solo show hosted by 8 Ball Gallery in Burbank is entitled “Tide & Blossom”, and opens November 8th at 7 PM.

Krisztianna is the child of Hungarian immigrants who supported art, travel, and hard work at a very young age. Prone to nightmares, her father would sing her Hungarian songs until she fell asleep, and her mother encouraged drawing adventures across rolls of butcher paper. Despite keen interests in biology and nature conservation, the focus of art and stories won out, and she graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a major in Communication Arts. As she established herself in interactive design and advertising as an art director, she continues her love of art and storytelling through self publishing and gallery shows. Her life long love of biology and nature still influence her work, as they are common themes in her art.

In August 2012, San Fernando Valley based artist collective called 11:11 A Creative Collective challenged artists to create a piece from a styrofoam head for a group show. Inspired by the generous nature of the open call, Krisztianna sculpted one of the characters from her unpublished stories. The spark of story to sculpture ignited, and the Muertita Clan began.

Erin Stone, Artistic Director of 11:11 A Creative Collective, says “Krisztianna continuously amazes us with her Muertita collection. Each one gorgeous, meticulously crafted, and impeccably displayed. We’ve had the pleasure of working with her on numerous occasions and are always proud to exhibit what she creates.”

It takes 20-45 hours to make one large muertita and documenting the result is important for the artist. The dramatic photos taken by photographer Chris Rigg go beyond documentation. With these beautiful images Krisztianna has been able to share not just her piece, but its presence and mood as well. The photos have been picked up by sites like Laughing Squid, Juxtapoz, Dark Beauty Magazine, and have led to published articles in Mexico’s own TONGUE magazine. Through this sharing, the Peoria Art Guild invited her to exhibit some of these photos, and awarded her and Chris 2nd place out of the entire show.

Ronnie K. Pirovino, Los Angeles based art collector, says “Krisztianna is one of the most promising young artists working in Los Angeles today. Her creative vision is not only clear but it’s amplified by her enthusiasm for her work. Her eye for detail is also unique. Her mastery over colors is brilliant and all of these attributes result in what I believe is unparalleled potential.”

“Muertitas” gallery reception is a free event presenting sculpture and art by Krisztianna accompanied by music and drinks. The artist and the gallery invite the public to come out and enjoy this celebration of life and death in downtown Burbank on Saturday, November 8th at 7 in the evening.

8 Ball Art Gallery   –   Contact: Jamie Blair
Opening night November 8th, 7 PM  • Show will last through December 5th
3424 W. Magnolia, Burbank, California 91505  •  (818) 859-7562 •

Regular store hours: Tue – Sat: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm, Sun: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm  •

Krisztianna   –  •
Can be reached by email at

11:11 A Creative Collective   –  –  “Our missions is to create a thriving and cohesive artist collective in order to make the San Fernando Valley a truly flourishing destination for innovative art.”

Ronnie K. Pirovino, Art Collector   –


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Nov 2013 – “Muertitas”, 8 Ball Gallery, Burbank CA – SOLO SHOW

Nov 2013 – “Dia De Los Muertos”, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria IL – Group Show

March 2013 – “Refuse To Destroy”, Cella Gallery, Hollywood CA – Featured Artist

Oct 2012 – “Day Of The Dead”, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles CA {photo}

Sept 2012 – “Canoga Park Artwalk”, 11:11 ACC, Canoga Park CA

Aug 2012 – “Canoga Park Artwalk”, 11:11 ACC, Canoga Park CA

July 2012 – “San Diego Comic-Con”, Artist’s Alley Booth # DD-12, San Diego CA

May 2012 – “Canoga Park Artwalk”, 11:11 ACC, Canoga Park CA

April 2012 – “A.L.L.”, Cella Gallery, Hollywood CA


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JOURNAL STAR – October 2013 (online preview)

TONGUE MAG – November 2012 (online preview)


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November 2, 2012 by EDW Lynch
Muertitas, Masks of the Four Seasons by Krisztianna  –


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