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Vote on the Cover for Mer-Kingdom by SATURDAY


The JOY of having you guys tell me which Mermaid you think is cover material, what you think works best and why, has inspired me to LET YOU PICK THE COVER by VOTE!

I will take a final tally on Saturday. Feel free to share! I’m excited! We are almost done!!


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My Art on the Cover of Shots Magazine

Greg Jardin is a music video director whose projects include videos for Kina Grannis, Joey Ramone, Hollerado, and Joy Formidable. I’m also lucky to call him my friend. Shots Magazine did an article on him for their February 2013 issue, and required a portrait of him. I was given the opportunity as well as creative freedom, and my illustration was chosen for the cover of the magazine!

Check out my gallery on my website to see more by clicking here!

Here are some of my own photos and the cover:

Shots Magazine spread, Greg Jardin portrait by Krisztianna
Shots Magazine spread, Greg Jardin portrait by Krisztianna
Shots Magazine cover, Greg Jardin portrait by Krisztianna
Shots Magazine cover, Greg Jardin portrait by Krisztianna

My name in the spine!weeee!

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Kraken Has Been Painted

I finished a promo painting. Original has been sold. If you haven’t released your inner artist yet, it may be time to start!

Click here to get the book on AMAZON!


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I finally understand “Do What You Love”

It seems like an easy thing to throw around as advice to people, “Find what you love and do that for your work, then it won’t feel like work”. This makes “If you work hard, you can achieve anything” seem like the opposite – you either work really hard to get what you want, or find something you want to do and it won’t feel like work – it was all very confusing. I took it with a grain of salt.

Being creative was satisfying, so I worked really hard to find creative work. Work I enjoyed still felt like work. WORK WORK WORK. And it felt good to have work, real good. Having money to eat well, travel, visit friends, play in and learn about nature…all these things fuel my deep love of making art. My art is the work I do when I’m on vacation. I am on VACATION, and doing my art, and its hard work, but it still feels like vacation.

Its like a lightbulb went on in my head.
This lightbulb made me want to write this post.

I get it! Hard work is still important. It finishes projects, starts new ones, and keeps me productive. But the things I do in my free time, like the coloring books, the Muertitas and stories…maybe someday I can do this stuff full time. Because even though it requires hard work, it feels like a hard-core vacation. I finally get it. Finally. And I look forward to making it happen one day. Then my weekends can really be a weekend, where I go on bikerides, play video games, read books, adventure about with friends, these all make me a better artist and storyteller.

i can do this2

i cant do this

i can do this3

On that note, sharing a Merkingdom work in progress spread with you. This is why its taking so long. I am including my love of marine biology, as told by these merpeople. So, yes, merpeeps are done, but each one is paired with a special critter which needs to be drawn and its bio written:

Merkingdom Progress 01

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Inking Mer-Kingdom


Preparing to ink the sketches from my upcoming coloring book, Mer-kingdom, with my new Sakura micron inks. So much work too still do: finish up the writing, sketch and ink the creatures on the opposite page of each mermaid, scan, cleanup digitally, layout, design the cover…my hope is to spend the next two months finishing this up to have the book ready and in the Amazon marketplace by December. Right now its easier just to think about each Merperson one at a time, rather than dreading more sleepless nights. I need to keep up the momentum, because I know how good it will feel to finish this and share it with others.

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A productive weekend

A peek at this weekend’s work : my final, and 6th piece for the upcoming show just got finished. I present Nautilla (also known as Squidface) with her pet armadillo. ♥

And one of those paintable toy Munnies a-la my character Density

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 12.58.55 AM


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Its is done. It is published. World, I hope you enjoy it. Color, create! I am on to the next growing horizon of projects, so that Arty can have much more to share.


DIRECT FROM ARTIST means Krisztianna gets a slighty larger percentage of the sale of her book since you would be purchasing it directly from her publisher at Createspace.


Buying from Amazon is always a popular choice, due to its fantastic reputation and customer service. If you do purchase from here, please rate the book as it helps sales. Many thanks!

In these pages you will find fantastical creatures from all over the world. Meet those you may already be familiar with like Dragons, Unicorns, and Gryphons. Be surprised at others you may not have met before, like the ferocious Wyvern from Europe or the mystical Itsumade from Japan. There is no right or wrong way to color, so let your choices bring these ancient animals to life.

Here are the coloring book characters:

Fantasy Creatures