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Daily Sketches 23 – Character Art and Hand Portait

More character sketches from the land of the Muertita. After I get some proper character turnarounds for these guys they will be formally introduced to you. But for now these are some mood sketches. Everything is so different when out on paper…er…on pixels. I’m already thinking of little redesigns.


A sketch of my hand again. Its still just as hard to draw it as it was 23 days ago. Maybe it will get easier after 360 days.

Daily Sketches, Illustration, Muertitas

Daily Sketches 22 – Bystander and Muertita-verse

I took the sketch from a previous Daily Imagination and colored it. This is a scene from the land of the Muertita.

Detail bit

An innocent bystander on the train, who was quite displeased with the email he was writing.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 20

In the land of the Muertita, the characters take a stroll. Maybe this could be a process post, I might try and finish this one.

A man on the train had a beautiful beard and cheekbones. It was quite a challenge not to catch his attention by drawing him.

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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 19

I need some rechargeable batteries for my wacom creative stylus. These sketches were finished without any pressure sensitivity, so it felt like I was using a blunt instrument. You know what doesn’t run out of batteries? A PENCIL. Grrrr.

Still…despite how much I love traditional media, drawing on the iPad has an amazing benefit. It was VERY nice to be able to lean back on the couch in a soothingly dim room. I could draw comfortably and still see my screen. I really enjoyed that. It makes drawing after a draining day a bit easier. Until of course the batteries died, I ran out of spares, and the stylus was no better than using my finger.

Heads up – my daily sketches might not be as daily as I prepare for my Solo Show in Burbank November 8, and Group Show at Hollywood Forever Nov 1. I will do my best, but they will be getting erratic.

Now for more hair bows! Spending time figuring out how I want them to sit on my characters head. Also showing you the photo that got me obsessed.

Posted on the Mary Sue Tumblr


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Daily Observation And Daily Imagination 18

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I was working on this scene from the Muertita-verse, it took me two train rides. Some more characters are being worked out! You may recognize those hair-bows though 😉

I am now a “regular” at Denny’s. The waitress automatically brought me a black coffee and a glass of water as soon as I sat down. As I sketched I was left alone, except for food/coffee/water refills, and I was happy. These two fellows inspired my sketches today. One was quite serious, and the other quite jolly.

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Free Valentine’s Day Art For You

Thank you for all your support!

You may give this card to anyone who you think appreciates you with all your oddities. Or likes foxes. Both is good.

Download a large version here.


(The usual small print, don’t sell it yaddda yadda, please don’t remove my watermark, blah blah. This is supposed to be free and fun.)

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Guess whats almost ready for you to COLOR!!!

I just need to check and make sure everything printed out all right, upload the new files if needed, and KABLAM! COLORING BOOK! I will of course make an official announcement when its ready!!


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Vote on the Cover for Mer-Kingdom by SATURDAY


The JOY of having you guys tell me which Mermaid you think is cover material, what you think works best and why, has inspired me to LET YOU PICK THE COVER by VOTE!

I will take a final tally on Saturday. Feel free to share! I’m excited! We are almost done!!


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My Art on the Cover of Shots Magazine

Greg Jardin is a music video director whose projects include videos for Kina Grannis, Joey Ramone, Hollerado, and Joy Formidable. I’m also lucky to call him my friend. Shots Magazine did an article on him for their February 2013 issue, and required a portrait of him. I was given the opportunity as well as creative freedom, and my illustration was chosen for the cover of the magazine!

Check out my gallery on my website to see more by clicking here!

Here are some of my own photos and the cover:

Shots Magazine spread, Greg Jardin portrait by Krisztianna
Shots Magazine spread, Greg Jardin portrait by Krisztianna
Shots Magazine cover, Greg Jardin portrait by Krisztianna
Shots Magazine cover, Greg Jardin portrait by Krisztianna

My name in the spine!weeee!

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Kraken Has Been Painted

I finished a promo painting. Original has been sold. If you haven’t released your inner artist yet, it may be time to start!

Click here to get the book on AMAZON!