All, Bring On The Art

Hello again, internet.

It has been a while. A long while. Staying connected and being creative while working full-time and being a mom to a kiddo who hates sleep was too much. I took a break from internetting and sharing my creative projects. There was lots of looking at other people make art in the few moments I had sitting on the toilet, with a kiddo wanting to see what I was looking at on my phone, and a cat circled around my feet.

There is a lot in motion for us: Searching for a new home, planning what my new studio will look like with a wet station / dry station, and an ability to allow a toddler to play safely as I work, as well as my day job continuing its grinding schedule. When I do have free time, I work on my Big Project: launching my brand Bring On The Art®.

As it solidifies, I will write more about it.

It has been rather crazy.

But, all that being said, this is my HELLO! I am not dead. If you want to see what I am up to until I get back into finished art, check out


See you soon 🙂