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Happy Friday, Time Heals All!

Like so many others, I was bullied. They stayed actively cruel from kindergarden through highschool. In hindsight, I was an easy target. I giggle now at photos of me as the odd little Hungarian tomboy with wide eyes, crooked smile, and dirty knees. However, I was lucky, because when I got home I had the tremendous love and support of my parents. Thus, the bullying didn’t stain my memories of my childhood. I think back on my memories quite fondly and reference childhood joy in my art constantly.

At the time, the bullying was dramatic and horrible, and sadly there wasn’t much my parents could do to help because I was not that great at expressing myself. But my mother was adamant about me understanding that even the bullies deserve love. She made sure I didn’t hit back, didn’t hate, and didn’t think they were the enemy. She told me “Maybe they are being hurt by others.” She recommended I try and understand them and ask why they were so cruel. In the video below, the friend confronts the bully peacefully. In the past, my delivery must have been terrible, because the reaction in this vid did not happen to me, though I wish it had. My questions would just incite the bullies to come at me stronger.

Despite my experience being different from the video, I am grateful for the path my mother guided me on. As it turned out, time does heal all. The magic that is “the passage time” changed so many things. Some of my bullies turned into real friends all on their own. I found out some of the other bullies had home lives much crueler than is right for any child to bear. They grew up, escaped their situations, and found new paths for themselves.

Then there are stories like this, which is what inspired this whole post. I admire so much what happened in this video below between these two girls, I hope you do too.

Happy friday.

Check out the campaign, called I AM THAT GIRL.


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