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London Recap!

Its been just over a month since we returned from London, but it feels like a week since arriving from an experience of a lifetime.

From the 1,000 photos on my phone that had to be sifted through, I present a select few! Thank you to all who recommended what to visit and who to see. Special thanks to the Brick Lane Gallery for the opportunity, to Tessa Yee for her professionalism and warmth, and all the assistants who did a wonderful job of hanging my work and kept the wine flowing.

Actual fortune my husband received before our trip.  
London Fortune

It began with an email from Brick Lane Gallery after they found me on Behance: An invitation to a 2 week group show in in London, with only 2.5 months to prepare new work. After considering the tight deadline, credit card limits, and traveling with such fragile work, the fact remained I didn’t know if this was my first or last chance for an opportunity like this. The decision was made that I had to go for it. I dove headfirst into casting, painting, finding/buying luggage to carry art, and making sure my daytime work with the great people at Home Brew was still a top priority. Finally, after late nights and full weekends, I was packed and ready to go!

Dropping off the art at the gallery was a feeling of pure victory, because in my experience, if things CAN go wrong, they do. The process of 10 hours of flight, 3 hours of trains, carting giant luggage around, finding the apartment on the River Thames, checking with relief that the art did not shatter after so many hours of handling, and finally some sleep before delivering the art to the gallery the next day was a success.
#Muertita clan made it to #London unharmed, with a great view of the River Thames.

I passed out a few invites to neighbors who asked me why I was spazzing out in London.

London Trip

After the initial art dropoff, this was pretty much every day between visits to the gallery.

London Trip

The show was, for me, a huge success. I went to a country where no one had heard of me, or knew who I was, and I still sold a print, which was more than I expected to sell at all. The impossibility of transporting these sculptures to and fro was solved, and now I finally have some inventory for some group shows in the possible future. Opening night the gallery was full of new people, new artists, friends, and celebration! (Here’s Tessa, she’s FAB!)

@bricklanegallery having a great show, sold a print!

Some of my most favorite highlights:

The Beer! Sweet-Muthah-Of-Milk-n-Honey, the beer was amazing.
London Trip

The Rothko Room at the Tate Modern. Seeing his work in person, at that scale, was transformative. I still daydream about that experience.
London Trip

Keats House, the home of one of my favorite poets, and seeing his death mask…
London Trip

Brick Lane! A magical land of graffiti, delicious curry, converse shoes, and 24 hours of fresh bagels. We met friends and drank and walked and looked at arts.
Just dropped off the #muertita clan at the Brick Lane Gallery in #Shoreditch #London
#vinyls and #curry and #friends oh my!

Manchester with great friends and their graphic novel shelf!
Faced with a quandary: go explore the beautiful Manchester , or dive into friend's comic collection...brain vs. heart is loud argument. Typically my answer is "Both!" We shall see if both can happen.
Comics in the morning, then Piccadilly Gardens in #Manchester afternoon! Finally getting some of that fickle hail/sun/wind/rain changes.
London Trip

Manchester Art Gallery
#manchester art gallery was inspiring, expansive, and free!

The Tower of London!
London Trip
Goodnight #London, you truly are an amazing city.
This is how prisoners did #graffiti in the Beauchamp Tower, this ones by Thomas Bawdewin. Wow.

Royal Academy Sensing Spaces exhibit!
London Trip
Inspiring, beautiful, and stunning experiences at the Royal Academy's #SensingSpaces exhibit.

The National Gallery
London Trip

Some AMAZING art galleries:

Stolen Spaces – They were exhibiting the LA based creative collective named CYRCLE whose stunning, large format screen prints spun concepts of authority on their head.

Rook & Raven – This was a delightful suprise. We were walking by in happenstance, and saw the beautiful work of Lionel Smit and were drawn in immediately. This show was impressive and inspiring. I will be studying his techniques and drooling over his paintings. He has a new fan!

The Lazarides Rathbone – A subtle exhibition with the work of Brett Amory. His art filled the space with thought and contemplation of our daily lives and the people that fill them.

White Cube – The space in this gallery was huge! I imagine most artists would be overwhelmed by the giant walls and starkness, but we had the opportunity to see the work of Miroslaw Balka. This art was not owned by the space, but USED it.

London Trip

The beautiful Highgate Cemetery and its kitty guardian that walked with us.
London Trip
London Trip

The Tate Modern
London Trip

Of course, the company!
London Trip

Even if I never get another chance like this again, what a ride!
I love #London, and I'm not lion. Cheers!

I really do hope to return someday. London treated us outstandingly. It has so much to offer, and we barely scratched our list of things to see, visit, and drink. Also, for how long do I get to call myself an international artist? Does it wear off after not showing out of country for a while?

What a trip.

What a city.
London Trip

Thank you for your continued support and interest in my work. Without you, this wouldn’t have happened. Thank you for reading this far. May your day be full of wonder.

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