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Sleep as Weapon, and Krampus Sketch.

I was going to make a short post on facebook, something of the likes of “Wow, a full night of sleep does wonders!” But there is a wonder in which I wish to wallow, a thing begotten through sleep. Allow me to expound.

Whilst working on the solo show, it was a common occurrence to function off 3-5 hours of sleep a night, for weeks on end, with an 8-10 hour refresher during a weekend. I have friends that can do this and function brilliantly, chatting, creating, laughing and talking about how they don’t need sleep. I am not one of those. I am an 8 hour a night kind of girl. Coffee was my wingman, and kept my behavior at its best, considering. Naps on the train became a thing. However, I noticed a frustrating pattern.

My short term memory was shot more than usual, and at the end of the day my mind was like an uncooked gumbo, a salty mess of stinky chaos that couldn’t be sorted. Every move towards being proactive, or kind, or positive, or not reactionary, took more and more effort.

As of today, I’ve enjoyed 3 nights of good, long sleep. I believe the effect of this sleep is like a weapon. Not like a knife, or a sword that I wield to cut through the trials of the day; It’s more like a tank which I ride, and as the day tosses stones they just go plink and roll off my shoulders and into the prints I gouge behind me.

I really do feel like a different person. All the things that were hard to do, difficult to remember, every day they grow easier, my treads rolling along as the little troubles that actually don’t really matter shatter under my shambling feet.

This was especially important just last night…for Christmas music had started in the grocery store.  A week ago I might have been pushed to the threadbare ends of myself in that moment, and thrown some fruit down on the floor in a rage and walked out yelling “IT’S NOT EVEN DECEMBER YET!” There was no such scene. Instead, I looked at my worried husband and said, “They will not win this,” and we continued shopping.

That is the effect of sleep. So, in celebration, I sketched Krampus with my NEW APP PROCREATE WEEE and with my finger, since my old stylus apparently didn’t get enough sleep and wont function proper…maybe she knows I’m going to get the new intuos stylus and she’s offended…. There will be a few more of Krampus, since I am working on his character design for a personal project. Have a lovely November. Draw on. Get some sleep.

And NO, I do not hate the Christmas spirit of giving, helping, volunteering, and being kind to one another. That is wonderful and makes my eyes leak and heart feel fluffy. I find difficulty with the Christmas spirit of entitlement, exclusion, marketing, consumerism, and the whining/crooning of the same 10 or something songs over and over for a whole month and even now in mid-November. Grumble grumble grumble.  Getting back in my tank.




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