Some Pinterest Love

Let me take a moment to explain Pinterest. Do you ever save bookmarks and then lose track? No longer. Pinterest is a space where you go, and your bookmarks are all pictures. Cool science magazine with mind-blowing space photography? Pin it. New underwater photographer and you love his/her work? Pin it. Other people see it, like it re-pin it, and it saves the source.
Pinterest is what you make it.

Because its a VISUAL bookmarking system, its brilliant for things that need pictures to get you excited about it and share the ideas with your friends. Like weddings. Or reference for your art. Or your favorite artists. But if you tell me you hate Pinterest, or think its dumb, I will assume it’s simply because you have not made a Pinterest account. I encourage your to reconsider, and follow curators of pins you like!

I invite you to see a board of mine, called Visualsplosion. That’s all it is, a visual explosion of  “Ohh look thats cool and I want to remember it for later” for art reference, for thinking, for sharing. Join in!

And just a taste of when people tag a pin as “art”

Happy Friday.


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