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Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein

Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein is seriously beautiful.

It’s hard to believe it came out in 1983, and yet I only knew of Mr. Wrightson’s Batman (Which was the subject of some “Why can’t he illustrate all the heroes?!” conversations between my husband and myself) and of his Swamp Thing. Adding to that, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is pretty much in almost everyone I know’s top 20 books. It just goes to show how dense I am, since close friends of mine just sort of nodded like, “Yeah, its one of his most incredible works…” So, I’m sharing with you all so you can have it right in front of your face too. Get it. Its bonkers. I got it on Amazon.

It reminds me of the first time I sat down in-front of Gustave Doré’s illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy – that same captivating composition and play between light and dark, the awe when seeing something so terrible turned beautiful. Just an insanely great way to start the morning. This has become a prize possession in my hoardings of beautiful things.

And yes, that is a peek into my studio – it’s almost done!!

Photo on 8-17-13 at 10.53 AM Photo on 8-17-13 at 10.53 AM #2 Photo on 8-17-13 at 10.53 AM #3

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