Marcus Daly the Coffin Maker

This Friday my internets have been filled with a surprising amount of jolly posts, beauty shots, and hopeful expressions. However, this video made me reflect on how we carry each other through loss ; thinking about it feels like wiping the dust off a shiny surface.

Full Smithsonian article here. The following is a quote from it:

“The first coffin I ever built was for my child.”

Those somber words from coffin maker Marcus Daly immediately give you a sense of how much the craft means to him. For Daly, crafting the final resting place for someone is a personal experience and he sees it as a doorway to something else. Daly believes the most important aspect of a coffin are the handles and the ability to carry them.

“I think we’re meant to carry each other. I think that carrying someone you love and committing them is very important for us when we deal with death. We want to know that we have played a part and shouldered our burden.”


And now for something more like Friday, while these thoughts settle:


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