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How Share Art and not be Naughty

SYNOPSIS: It was brought to my attention by a kind supporter that a facebook page called TerrorArtists uploaded my art and didn’t credit me. I went to their site, and they have been doing this with countless artists!  Note – when you are sharing someone else’s art, make it easy for the artist to contact you. It’s important. Furthermore, do NOT put your brand/site/or logo on their art without their permission. This is illegal, and super, DUPER rude. BustyGirl comics breaks it down nicely. I had no way of contacting the admin other than leaving a comment on my own image. Then I asked my Supporters to “like” my comment to give it a better chance of being noticed by the page admin. Thank you to EVERYONE that liked, shared, and understood this as an important issue. Your actions are all greatly appreciated!

I gave the admins the weekend to parse through likes and comments, however I have heard nothing yet and they keep posting new art without crediting artists. This is my next move and open letter to TerrorArtists:

Dear TerrorArtists,

It is a joy to see the art found by people like you, and see it shared with the world. It shows an appreciation and enjoyment of expression that is much needed in the world. However, it is very important that you credit the artist. It is also rude and illegal to put your own brand/logo/identity on another’s work of art without their consent. This gets a little sticky when you make it difficult for artists to contact you.

I woud rather not report your page. I hope you credit all the artists on your page, and remove your watermark off their image soon. You have a great community there, with people who comment on the images you share and re-share them. You have the power to encourage artists to make more, and to share more freely. Right now you are hurting the thing you seem to enjoy: new art. It is sites like yours that make artists think they HAVE TO WATERMARK every single image they put on their OWN SITE, or that is shared by an approved source.

Please contact me soon so that I won’t be reporting your page at the end of this week. You can comment on this blog post, contact me through my facebook page, or email me at bringontheart (at)




I present the following guide!

The internt is ours. Let’s show each-other we can make it awesome.


And Now, for the how NOT TO SHARE ART
imProper_Art_steal tumblr_llv26hpOxg1qbq7sk




• Encourage content makers to make more by giving credit

 • Celebrate those who share fairly by following and thanking

• If someone isn’t sharing correctly, please communicate kindly and educate them


(TANGENT DISCLAIMER: Animated gifs, like those attached, are a completely different discussion that I am still learning about because they deal with perceived common knowledge, layers of re-appropriation through sharing and discussion, etc. While this post focuses specifically on finished art, the 1st gif of awesome is Carl Sagan from COSMOS, second is Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie, third is Bob Ross in Painting With Bob Ross PBS)



The issue of my specific image is resolving!

I posted this blog post on the TerrorArtist page as they recently made it possible to post on their wall. They responded quickly and kindly. I will be not be reporting the page on this issue. Here is a screen-cap of our recent conversation:


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