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Infographics Make Me Joyfizzle

I love information.

I also can’t remember anything.

Despite how much I love and read and enjoy facts and tidbits, after I read them, instead of nesting in my brain they go fly away to warmer climates.

Finally we are in an advertising rage of what we call the infographic. It is a visual translation of information. They fizz my brain with happy because they help me remember at least a few things, or at least the big picture (see what i did there?). They are also fun to read.

Sometimes I am handed the opportunity to create infographics, and I jump on those chances. The form it takes is based on the information given. It makes no sense to create one that says nothing.  Yet, I have had to create one or two (maybe more) where no content is given to me. So I piece together pretty pie charts, arrows, and silly symbols of generic people doing generic things. Apparently I am rather gifted at making shit infographics that mean nothing for inputting content later. I am not proud of this.

Anyway, let me share some with you that are just a pleasure to look at, to read, to enjoy, and to appreciate how they took the information and turned it into something wonderful. There are stories to be seen here.

ALSO: INFORMATION IS BEAUTIFUL is an oasis of visual genius.

sea depth infographic
plot lines
hierarchy of digital distractions


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