On Vacation But Still Plugged In And FREE DOWNLOAD

Greetings! So, as any irresponsible person who just left their job does, I am going on vacation to a tropical paradise where I hope to sleep, plump up, and do a crazy amount of snorkeling. I will also be taking a break from my present projects. Any doodling will be random with no purpose other than to try out the sketch programs on an ipad a dear friend gifted me. The idea is to recharge and sleep off those stress chemicals I have become so adept at producing.

I will still be plugged in and posting regularly about anything tropical, blue, and alcoholish through Instagram.

Art related images will filter to my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Upon returning, my hope is to tackle the last bits remaining of my Mer-Kingdom coloring book by New Years, and have it in the Amazon marketplace by beginning of January.

Below is a free download of a Chipmunk holding an acorn for you that can be folded into a greeting card – and after that is a personal message.




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