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Being Productive In Art #1 and #2

On occasion I get questions about what you do when inspiration runs dry. Those are fun answers. No matter how different everyone’s methods are, they are wonderful to talk about. The creative process is naturally rewarding. This is not about that. This is about when people ask me “How do you make time?”

Which brings me to

TIP #1 : Sacrificing time from one awesome thing for your art.
Tip #1 is my number one tip. Choose what gets cut from your life that week, but not the same thing all the time. I can’t have one thing cut out of my life completely or my soul hurts, so every week its different. Once week my workouts suffer, another the cleanliness of my home, time with loved ones, and even sleep. These are all important to me, and all take time. If you know how to have it all, then do that. But if you are like me, have so much to do, much of the time, and get only some of it done, then this is my first tip.

TIP #2: Follow productive artists on tumblr, google reader, the kind who post work regularly as inspiration for finishing art.
What? WASTE TIME ON INTERNET? My darlings, inspiration is not time wasted. Finishing art projects is hard. This morning I was tired, there is a birthday celebration I would rather be at, but I have slotted today for my art. For about an hour over tea and breakfast, I allow myself to just immerse my eyes into internet-art. Then when I can’t take the fact that they are so productive and I am not, I have that artistic self guilt as a kick in the pants to finish my work.

And this is why I have decided to start these random tips. Because if they work for me, maybe they work for you. Here is a list of some of the ones that were in my browser this morning as morning kick-ass, and the end reason for this post (in NO order, and only a handful. I promise more will come later – i gotta get back to inking my mermaid coloring book!):

Paige Halsey Warren (Also the author of Busty Girl Comics – which is also amazing. She’s almost done with it tho – check it out anyway)

Matthew Ellero – he tweets a lot and finds cool things – is pretty much the next hot thing in illustration

Abby Wright – illustrator magnifique

Madéleine Flores – ” I like to draw and eat ice cream. But not at the same time.” Her words

LackaDaisy – Yeah – if you don’t know….then you are VERY welcome for this share

Rachel Curtis – her tumblr is new, but I love her on Deviant art

Tim Shumate – the darling of the internet, and a wonderful artist

Hi Fructose Magazine – always posts about all the awesome artist they love

Emmy – great blogger/artist/sense of humor

Tim Beard – he will be posting all month his beautiful sketches

Riika Auvinen – doesn’t post as much as some of the previous, but when she does – i want to draw for DAYS. And her DeviantArt of course.

A Gentlewoman – a fashion blogger who has an eye for compelling imagery, and posts regularly

Animation Anomaly Blog name says it all

Motion Graphics online mag and community

Cats In Hats – you’re welcome

Lets go be productive! Happy Saturday all!



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