All, Good World, Muertitas

My Benefactors: HEARTS OF GOLD

A few weeks ago I hinted at something really wonderful happening, and now it is confirmed. I have benefactors who gifted me an outdoor, covered studio space to do my messy sculpting and casting for my Muertitas!

What is a Benefactor? Something we don’t have enough of these days. The word benefactor comes from the Latin bene (good) and factor (maker). Back in the day an artist knew they “made it” when a Benefactor would give them a space to work in including food, supplies, and a list of commissioned art. A common daydream that harkens to this idea is: “If I could just do my art, and not worry abut anything else”. I have a simpler version of this now, but still just as rare.

My Benefactors are a lovely couple who love the arts. I call them my Hearts Of Gold. Mr. Heart Of Gold is a fan and owner of some Muertitas, and Mrs. Heart Of Gold is a professional photographer. She remembered what it was like to be an artist in a small space, moving things around in a room for each step of the process, tripping over rulers and paint boxes. My studio at home is becoming so crowded with flowers, wood, wire, clay, and tools it’s been a challenging workflow. Mrs. Heart Of Gold has generously donated a part of her workspace to me. It’s an outdoor covered patio, and she has given me the go ahead to use it however I need. This kind of generosity is stunning.

Kindness like this begets more kindness. Someday I hope to be in a position to help an artist as the Hearts Of Gold are helping me.

Challenges I face:

1. Weather. Winter and Spring in Southern California are…well…laughed at in other states because our weather is so temperate. Regardless, an outdoor space through December-April will require a space heater, jacket, and fingerless gloves. Moisture/dryness in the air will effect curing of both paint and plaster. Despite being protected from the wind it has open spots (to see the sky with!) and dust can get blown in a daily basis. Work will have to be covered and stored every night.

2. The distance. I already drive 36 miles one way to get to work, and this is another 34 out of my way. Weekends will be my ideal work time, but we shall see how long I can afford this kind of commuting, financially and emotionally.

The rewards:

Having space. Making more art. Creative fulfillment. Casting with new materials. A view of the sky.

As soon as I clean it up, settle in, and get my lighting and work-spaces set-up I’ll take some photos and post. I really hope I can make this work for as long as they will have me.



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